Trouble getting a new shipment?

I dont know but for my first order it was very tough to get my pods, they are shipping them over night so that makes me happy, I have one left so I was getting pretty scared. Does it get easier?

What do you mean by "very tough?"
I’ve never had any trouble - since they only get paid when they send me pods, they are very motivated :wink:

i have a automatic shipment set up so i recieve a new shipment ever 3 months or so…nothing was difficult about it, i dont know why it would be so diffucult for you… sorry

I have automatic shipment too, but I always call when I only have a few pods left…

I had an issue with Omnipod telling me I need prior auth! A week later no pods. I called my insurance company and they said Insulet never requested a prior auth. I called Insult back and they said “I’m sorry but you don’t need a prior auth.” I was a little frustrated and asked why did someone tell me I needed one. She said they had to change the coding for billing and I should be all set. I am now apart of the auto shipment. I am sorry you had an issue with your shipment