Trouble getting back on track after a bad day

As stated in the previous post, my levels have been amazing for about a month.

That came to an end one warm pre-spring day when my boyfriend, and I were tossing a football at the park. I felt tired and tested at 28. Therefore, off to Rita’s we quested for a gelati (alex’s lemonade w/ vanilla cream) Some time went by and I tested again - reaching only 37.

Because it seemed to be taking so long to come out of that dangerous low, my bf purchased a chocolate chip cookie for me from a nearby bakery. I ate half of that and waited to begin feeling a little better. We went to see a movie (the coen brothers’ No Country For Old Men) and afterward I tested again (in an attitude of curiosity, – assuming to be in the vicinity of normal) to find I had skyrocketed ridiculously to 362.

Things haven’t been the same since. I’m bouncing between highs and lows (between 48-180) and the effect that food has been having on me does not seem to correlate with my ‘carb vs.insulin’ calculations.

I’m really disappointed. I was looking forward to the results of my A1C’s after such a regime of greatness.

Anyone else have trouble getting back on track after a bad day?