Trouble with this site lately

I’ve been having a tough time posting here lately. Maybe I just post too much.
When I post it says saving for ever and never goes. I need to shut down my ap to try again, but I lose what I typed.
I’m using an iPad. Maybe items why. But it’s only recently been having trouble.
Anyone else having this issue?

I’ve had this happen a few times on iPad, never on my phone or desktop though. There is probably some incompatibility with iPad.

I haven’t had this issue but have had issues getting to this site once. I was literally locked out when accessing using my wifi or somehow “blacklisted” because it blocked out my IP. But after a week it just resolved itself. I contacted support and they haven’t seen the issue before and didn’t know why.

Have you tried restarting your Ipad, sometimes a restart fixes many things.

BTW - i sent you a private message with the support email address I contacted last time in case you need to reach out.

Funny, I’ve been having a totally different problem. Sometimes when I click on a link on the main forum page, it doesn’t actually take me to the discussion. Instead, it looks like the forum crashes. The screen flashes blank for a few moments, then reloads the main page again. If I click on the link a second time, it’ll go through, though.

Wonder if they’re all related?