True metrix meters

Looking for user feedback on True Metrix meters and strips.

They replaced the outstanding truetest strips after Nipro diagnostics was bought out by Trividia. Initial reviews on the internet aren’t exactly glamorous, but they are wide ranging. Looking to hear from TUDers, who I know watch such things like hawks.

I was very disappointed to see truetest strips discontinued, if this is offered as the replacement option, I am hoping its quality far exceeds what one would think from initial reviews.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with True Metrix— and also other reasonable cash-price quality strip and meter alternatives (I refuse to play the insurance game for test strips)


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So finally testing out the true metrix and true metrix go meters.

Unfortunately my first impressions are quite bad

True metrix go tests taken consecutively at exact same time:

Switch to larger true metrix meter… still at same time

Not impressed

Looks like a random number generator!

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The one I’ve used is also from Trividia. Is this the same one you are talking about?

Don’t know if you saw my post, but man…worst…meter…ever!! It’s like the meter wants me dead.

Whoah :scream:

That is similar but not exactly the same one true balance is supposed to be their entry-level model while true metrics is supposed to be their “good” one

I will give it another chance or two maybe with different lot numbers of strips but thus far I think it will probably be back to the drawing board to find another budget friendly cash alternative. Suggestions are welcomed

That bad… my confidence is in the red one

Re tested 2x with each–

True2go 1
69, 68, 70

True metrix Go
137, 77, 63

There has to be something wrong with this batch of strips this is nowhere near the minimum regulatory requirements

Gotta be honest: I wouldn’t let my daughter use this meter if it was the last one on earth.

Well the truetest models (like the red one) were truly great meters. The true metrix are supposed to be their replacement. This is either a bad batch or this is a truly terrible product that should have never gotten through approval… I emailed the mfg and will try some of the other batches I have… I have lots, because I’m a hoarder

The earliest user reviews were distinctly horrible, then all of a sudden they got quite good-- so I’m suspicious that there may have been a quality control problem when they first started that may have been resolved at some point-- maybe these strips were before then. There is no way anyone would be using them if they were this bad

Did you also try it?!

I am almost finished with my supply of strips, and I am not getting anymore. It wasn’t just a single bad lot, this thing has been consistently horrible.

I like the ReliOn okay. They are “decent”. Not super cheap, but not too bad. The downside is that I don’t think you can get them online, you have to go to Walmart. But they were not as horrible as these TrueBalance things.

On a somewhat related/unrelated note, the banner ad for OneDrop showing up when replying to you, and the slogan “The world’s most beautiful blood glucose meter.”

Is it just me, or is the “looks” of a BG meter the absolute last thing anyone on this board cares about!?!?:grinning:

I didn’t try it. That’s your job, minions! :wink:

The thing is though, true balance have always reportedly been horrible… truetest was one of the very best money could buy, and at a fraction of the cost of name brands… I really hope it’s replacement the true metrix isn’t as bad as my first impression makes me fear. Like I mentioned the reviews are pretty much black and white “it’s terrible” or “it’s the best thing ever” so I’m hoping there was a problem that got fixed

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Update— I opened a new vial from a different lot and they work fine so far tested 6 times in a row and all were within 5 points+|- of the median

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Looks is the first thing on my mind!! After all, do I want to put my beautiful blood in an ugly meter? :smirk:

Seriously, though, while I’m not getting it for the looks, I am planning on getting a One Drop meter – We’ll see how it works going forward…

Ha! :grinning:

Been seriously considering this one, but I’ve been looking for actual videos of it being used and haven’t found any yet. Wondering so many things, like can you scroll through the meter to look at results, or do you have to rely on the phone app to see your past results. Does the meter show you a time-stamp of a test (I have actually used a meter that didn’t show you anything except for the BG value! That’s kinda dumb.) Does the meter have a light so you can test in the dark (amazing how many times I am doing that).

Anyway, if you get it, please share some feedback. Greatly appreciated!

This is actually a legitimate concern when the PWD is 14 years old!

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I don’t trust the accuracy of one drop, so I’m looking for a 3 drop meter. Anyone know of one?


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