Trulicity & Ozempic

Lately, where I live, it is becoming very difficult to obtain Ozempic. Is Ozempic really significantly better than Trulicity?



My own very quick search of Google Scholar for comparisons of the efficacy of injected dulaglutide and semaglutide gave me the impression that semaglutide (Ozempic) is clearly superior. I looked at the abstracts and sometimes little bits of odds and ends in four articles where the outcomes were directly related to T2D, but in no case did I read the whole article. Note that three of the four articles were pretty much written by the same team.

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My thought here is that each will work well for each person and the on,y why to discover which is to try them.

My big problem with Ozempic right now is people without diabetes are using it to lose weight, not blood sugar control. So it has made it impossible for people with diabetes to get it. And yes, it does help with weight loss but as soon as you come off it, the weight comes back.

Both of these do a great job with blood sugars. Both help with weight loss. Both can help reduce risks of cardiovascular issues.

So it really comes down to if you can handle the side effects and does it help with whatever issue is key for you.

@Sally7 ,

The same is true in the little place I live in western Asia, which is what finally drove my endo to prescribe Trulicity instead. So far, my whole extended family has been hunting Ozempic for weeks, which is why I started wondering if it’s really worth the trouble.

It’s interesting browsing through the articles comparing the two. Only a small minority just make straight comparisons of physiological efficacy. As you say, people have many different reasons for choosing one treatment over another.