Trying to keep a good attitude!

Yesterday I had a followup appt with the Diabetes Education Center and even though I am pretty knowledgable on diabetes and diet, I did ask for a breakdown of my allowable carbs each day and each meal and snack. I will try to follow that to a degree, at least it gives me a map to use.

While I was looking at the free info they had and picking up some for my future daughter in law who was just diagnosed, I was pleased to find a packet called The 7 Haits of Highly Effective People with Diabetes Workbook and CD by Steven R. Covey. I have been reading with much enjoyment his book by the same name and was intrigued by this. Took it home and listened to the CD and it is very helpful. It gives you a direction and plan to deal with your daily problems related to diabetes and just what comes with life in general. There are 7 Habits that you learn to help you manage your life. Many times it's how we think, feel and approach a problem that keeps us from being successful in either solving the problem or keeping it from getting bigger. You can go the the Bayer Healthcare Diabetes Care website for more info.
( ) You can download a copy of the booklet and listen to the CD online there. I prefer having a hard copy and so if you do also you could ask your Diabetes Education Center in your area to get you a copy.

One of the things we set as a goal is exercise 30 min a day. I enjoy exercise when I actually do it, as I was very acitive till I had 3 kids in my 30's and downhill from there! Anyway, I am referring to actual focused exercise and toning, because you do get a lot of activity with 3 kids in tow, and 2 teenagers to boot!
They are grown now, and it's time for me to take care of me, so this is what they told me at the Edu Center!!!

So, I am going to try to do Leslie Sansone's Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan starting today. I will report the next day on my success or failure for the previous day as I have to do it late in the evening. Hope everyone has a GOOD diabetes day!