Tslim prescription in other countries?

I realize this is probably a better post for the tslim Facebook page or something, but humor me, I don't have a Facebook page yet and would like to avoid it as long as possible.

I have generally always gone to the US for my Endo visits etc. because for a long while (I've been diabetic over 30 years), there really weren't any/many in my country... and I visit family regularly in in the US so figured it was a no brainer.

I got my tslim prescribed to me from my doc in the US and as I do have family there and either they, myself or other family members visit to/from there "frequent enough" to bring back the supplies, I just have all supplies sent to that family member (turns out that in itself is a lil more hassle than I bargained for, but still worthwhile).

Anyway, that was over a year ago, and my feelings on that have changed and decided that when I visit my family... I want to VISIT, not be stuck doing Labs and going to the doc etc. (also because I get one week less vacation now at new job than I got before it makes it more difficult).

So I found me an Endo locally, and booked me an appointment. Went fine and liked the office well enough, but as it turns out... they tried to obtain the ability to prescribe Tslim and all of the various supplies that goes with it, but tslim is not granting that permission outside of the US (or possibly just outside of more "First World Countries" than mine is).

I assume that there has to be either a.)a great enough demand for them here first (which probably wont happen... small country), or b.)Tandem needs to feel "stable" enough to start branching out more, which might take a loooong time.

I'm not asking for supplies to be shipped to my country. I can keep them being sent to my family member. I'd just like the possibility of them allowing prescriptions outside of the US for people in my situation. Do you think I have any hope of that ever happening? Is there anything that *I* could do to speed up the process?

I don't really expect an answer, but if it is never put "out there" then no one will ever know there is an issue that could be resolved, right? (not to mention more pumps sold... my CDE seems really keen on the tslim, but is not allowed to prescribe them) So that's where I'm at now.

It seems like a logical first step would be to ask Tslim directly.

I'd suggest you write to the head of Regulatory Affairs at Tandem Diabetes Care. If you can call their toll-free number (1-877-801-6901), you can probably get the e-mail address for RA... Good luck!


Though toll-free numbers are not toll free here, so its not like I can call from work or anything during what I assume to be their standard hours unless its 24 hr... which I doubt. Often enough, "toll-free" numbers don't even work at all here, but there will be a holiday here soon, so I suppose I could either try the "toll-free" number from my home phone or look for a more useable non-toll-free number somewhere, but I haven't managed to find one yet after a brief search.

Google Voice would allow you to make free phone calls to US numbers via an internet connection.

I called the toll-free number at Tandem, and asked for a direct number; it is 858-366-6900 (plus the country code, of course). Good luck!

Is google voice a paid service at all (clueless)?

What I forgot was that I had email contact with someone at Tandem when I was first considering it. I can probably dig through my emails and contact them to find out the best way to figure this out. I generally prefer email contact over phone contact anyway. Then they can answer as they get information.

Ah cool. All kinds of options!


Its not like I can't make my current situation work, because for the most part it does. Its just more inconvenient than it needs to be, or at least more than I want it to be right now I suppose.

Honestly, if they don't have a license to export medical devices into the country you are in, they likely CAN'T do it. Also, many countries have to approve medical devices and it costs a lot of money for a medical device company to file for and get approval in every country they sell in. And if you are the only person in the country (or one of just a few) asking for their product, it's not worth the cost of obtaining such a customs license and/or regulatory approval to keep one patient on their pump. It's not fair to you, but it's more cost-effective for them.

As for the RX, doctors in your country may not be able to prescribe medical devices not allowed by customs/gov't regulations. Again, it's all red tape that isn't necessarily fair to you...but that's sort of how it is everywhere. Also, some insurance companies will only pay for products if the RX and the product are originating from the same country.

It couldn't hurt to ask a local doctor, and your insurance company, in addition to Tandem, to see if you have any options.

As much as it doesn’t help me any… It does make a lot of sense.

I’m not sure what other pumps are prescribed here but I do know that Medtronic is one (possibly the only manufacturer?)… Probably cus it’s bin around so long, or just the first one in.

Had I known my perspective on the situation might change, I’m not sure it would have made any impact on my decision though, Medtronic was probably my third choice (after… but sometimes tied at second with Asante Snap… depending on the day and my mood). I think the interface of the tslim just suits me better.

I haven’t actually gotten around to contacting anyone yet, but hope to soon even though with this Inormation, I don’t expect it to do much good.