Tslim return policy

Does anyone know know that if I can return a tslim pump if it doesn’t work to my expectations? I live in Ontario, Canada. I have 263 days before my warranty expires on my 630.

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How long have you had it?

Just curious, what don’t you like about it. I don’t hear that very often. But, I’ve been considering getting one.

I don’t know if it’s different in Canada, but in the US, that’s one of the few weak points for Tandem. You can return it within 30 days (I believe of shipment, not receipt, and not necessarily after training), and only with a valid medical reason from your doctor. There are sometimes various offers that come with different terms, too.

I have been told I could return for any reason within 30 days. Due to COVID, I have not been able to get a hands on demo. But may be exception for this case. Still working through all the paperwork, also slowed down by COVID.

30 days US but I was able to get a refund after that due to documented problems with my BG rising too often.

I don’t have it yet. I was reading about other people not liking and unable to return it. I was just wondering if it was an option. I want this pump too.

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Sorry for the late reply. The pump itself isn’t bad, it’s medtronic’s sensors that suck. They aren’t accurate, they only go 6 days, and the amount of taping is ridiculous. I was on dexcom when I had my Animas vibe and loved the dexcom. The g6 is even better. No fingersticks, they last 10 days easy insertion and they are accurate. I can’t wait to get the tslim so my dexcom can talk with the pump and it will eventually help with the burden of managing this condition.

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hehehe, Dee,
I too am hating taping

Yeah, that is funny! IMO medtronic really is going downhill. They rushed their 670 pump to the market and didn’t do it correctly. I am looking forward to the Tslim pump. Hopefully the basaliq control update will be approved in Canada by next February when I’m due. Even still it would be nice for my basal to suspend if I’m going to go low. I hope my Hope’s aren’t dashed.

I also believe in US it is 30 days. I’m sure a quick call to Tandem can answer that question.
That said, I hope you like Tandem as much as I do. For the first time in probably 20+ years, I am sleeping through most nights. It has been the best thing out there. No alarms anymore and my blood sugars are perfect all night long!!!
I still have to work at it during the day and since the stress of late has been tough, I am working harder than ever. But I do love the Dexcom talking to the pump and taking care of business. And I love the no more testing blood sugars anymore!

I am sure I will like it. It’s like someone said, “It’s the difference between a rotary phone and a push button one”. I recently adjusted my basal rate through the night and it only woke me up once last night. That is better than what it used to be.

I completely agree. If the only benefit was what you stated, it is well worth the control iq upgrade. I’m loving what it does overnight. :+1: