TTC again?!

My little girl Beibhinn is 6 months this week! I've been breastfeeding her exclusively since she was born and she is so chubby and healthy and happy. My husband and I have agreed to start TTC again. I haven't had my period yet but would love it if I just caught an egg :P I'm afraid that because of my diabetes that my body will take longer to 'catch up' and start ovulating again. Has anyone here had much experience with getting pregnant again soon after a baby? Also I would love to breastfeed while pregnant if I get pregnant before Beibhinn turns 1. I have heard that this can be exhausting-anyone who's done this before have any tips? Any advice much appreciated!

Wow! You are ready earlier than I was!

My ob-gyn is insisting on two years between the births after a c-section. Did yours say anything about waiting?

I started my period when or little one was 7 months old. He is still breastfeeding multiple times a day.

Good luck!

I want to have a bunch of kids if I can :D I always knew I'd be ready soon enough, just needed to get the hubs on board! :D
In the hospital one ob recommended waiting at least a year especially after a c-section. I'm afraid I'm kind of bad about listening to doctors...I know many moms who've had babies earlier and some of those have even managed VBACS after getting pregnant within a year...I feel like I know my own body and can make these decisions myself :) - I'm a bad patient! lol

Interesting questions... I'm kind of in the same boat, although probably not quite ready to start trying yet. My daughter is 8 months old and still nursing multiple times a day, and I haven't gotten my period yet.

I had never even thought about any sort of "waiting period" after having a c-section. Something to ask my OB!

I think there was a discussion some time back about tandem breastfeeding/breastfeeding while pregnant.

btw your daughter is gorgeous!

THanks E. Louise! I do believe that you are advised to wait after a c-section especially if you'd like to try a VBAC. I have a friend who's first baby was delivered by c-section, she had another baby 11 months later and it was a VBAC! I know that the safest thing to do is wait but I am totally broody right now and about to turn 33 and I'd like a few more kiddos before I turn 40 :)

Yeah, I'm 33--I know what you mean!!

We want multiple kids too and I am excited about a big family. It's more than I don't feel ready for pregnancy with the diet and ultra tight control while full time caring for our one year old. Some days I have a hard time finding time to eat lunch! I hope that I will get my act together soon...

I also have heard of many successful VBACs in a shorter period of time. I guess I just lean towards playing it safe and making sure that I have healed. I don't know how to know if my body has healed from the c-section apart from waiting the recommended time.

I hope that things will work out the way you plan! Keep us posted!

I will, thanks Kristin :)

I'm still nursing my 9 month olds, but my period came back pretty early. We're planning to start TTC this fall.

I got one period when our baby was around 3 months old. Then, I skipped a few months and had one more period when our baby was around 6 months old.

We started trying for #2 when #1 was just 5 months old. It took 4 months to get that positive pregnancy test- which is the opposite of our history because we've been pregnant (and miscarried) and both were within only ONE MONTH of trying. After having my baby, it took 3 months to get pregnant again. We are currently almost 5 months pregnant and baby #1 will be one year old later this month. Baby #2 is due the day after thanksgiving. They will be 16 months apart when I deliver.

I'm excited. It was really important to me to have their ages be really close together. For some reason, my glucose control has been much better than with baby #1's pregnancy. Four more months to go! I'm getting zipped up though. I've always wanted a large family, but I can't handle another pregnancy- overall, this is a hard business and two kids is going to have to be enough!

Good luck to you! I'm the same as you are- I listen to my body and I am my own advocate. I will ask doctor opinion, but I will only take it into consideration- I don't base my life around someone else's recommendation. I will consider what they answer and i will pull from other reliable sources before making a decision that is right for my body and my family. My OB and Endocrinologist had no issue with my being pregnant again. If I had gone to a preconception visit, I'm sure they would have asked that I wait. But, when I told them I was already pregnant 7 months after giving birth, all doctors involved were nothing but pleased for us.