Tube Guard

I was searching online for pump accessories and I came across this website.

Unomedical is constantly looking for ways to make the treatment of diabetes with insulin pumps as easy as possible. One recent development is the tubeguard™, a convenient and easy-to-use system to roll and store your infusion set tubing.

Size and design
Instead of rolling up your insulin tubing and putting it in a pocket or wedging it in the waist of your pants, you can now roll it up with tubeguard™. Compact and practical, tubeguard weighs next to nothing and is only 4.8 cm (1,9") wide and 1 cm (0,4") deep.

Has anyone ever tried one of these.

Interesting idea! I have never tried it, but here are my thoughts…

I guess it could be good if you have problems with the tube getting bent etc. I’ve never had a problem with this. My biggest problem is getting the tube caught on door knobs, hooks, anything that I possibly could! This sometimes makes me pull the infusion set out. While this would keep it from getting caught, it would also mean that I would need to unwind the tube every time that I go to the bathroom. I can imagine that I would actually pull my infusion set out more often if the tube was wrapped around this clip. That’s the nice part of just tucking it in my pants (when I remember to do that!!).

I just wrap it around…oh, nevermind. :slight_smile:

That link does work. I found the same device on this site

I wear my belt backwards (going in on the right and going around…) so the loose end is out there. I belay the tube around that and clip the pump over on the left side and I don’t have trouble with it. I use the 23" Silhouettes but there’s plenty of belt to wind it around there and, with most pants, there’s a spare belt loop to tuck the belt into so it’s secure without being too tight.

LOL I bought one of these about 6 months ago thinking I’d use it a lot. I’ve used it 2-3 times. It works as advertised, but DOES make it harder to pull your pants down, especially if you need to do it fast, unless you just unclip the pump and hold it.

I have one and agree that it works for holding the tubing in place but is annoying if you have to move your pump for some reason.

What would negate this would be having a rotating section in the middle so that the tubing could be pulled out, and then spiral back around when not in use (not sure if this would be bad for the pump cartridge or infusion set, though).

I should add… it DOES work really well if you’re using something like a spi belt.