I was thinking that I’d add a post about a gadget I ordered from the US and got last week. Its called a tubeguard and it seems like very few people have used one, and there is hardly any info on the net. When I was looking for info about ways to deal with tubing, I thought this gadget might be an idea, so here is a ‘review’:

What I think:
I think it is easy to use and looks ok. For me personally it comes in handy when I am at home, simply because I have puppies that jump all over and have caused quite a bit of drama with the infusion sets. I’ve also used it when dressing smartly because I don’t seem to remember to tuck the tubing away and get strange looks for the tubes and not for the pump :P.

I always unclip the pump when I go to the bathroom anyway, so it hasn’t been a problem there, I just clip the pump to the bottom of my top.

About the guard/use:
Here some pics and a little ‘how to’ (there are no pics on the distributor website that really show anything!!!):

The tubeguard is a little grey disk-like device, much smaller than I thought. I took a picture of it on my hand, but it is 4 cm across. It is very light, According to my electronic scale it weigh 5 grams.

One side of the tubing is slotted in through the little groove at the top like this:

The tube is then wound around and around until its the length you want, and is then threaded through the slot again:

You can then clip it to your pants. Has worked well for me, because I drop my pump lots (scatterbrain!!!)

I'd give it:

Design: 3/5
Ease of use: 4:5
Aesthetics: 2/5

Suggested improvements:

  • spring load
  • improve clipping mechanism

I’ve considered investing in one of these but I’m not sure it’s worth the $. Where did you purchase yours and how much did they want for it (and how much did they gouge you on shipping)?

I got mine at:, here is the link

It costs 10 dollars, I bought 2, and they charged me … 7 dollars for shipping, but thats all the way to South Africa. Which is why i bought 2… Its the only site that answered my mail asking if they shipped internationally.

Anyway :stuck_out_tongue: TC

Thanks for the review! I couldn’t really get why this would be useful, but now I understand. I don’t disconnect my pump when I go to the bathroom-- so I don’t think that it would help me much (unless I can somehow change my habits…).

But I DEFINITELY know what you mean about getting “looks” for the pump tubing rather than the pump!!!

So I figured if it cost you $7 for shipping to South Africa, it would be less to Georgia…but NO. They want $10.23 to ship to me! I just can’t do it. But thanks for the review!!!