Tubing disconnected from insulin cartridge while inside pump - I was dancing!

Was having a good time on the dance floor at a wedding last night. I was wearing my pump underneath my dress attached to the inside thigh of my bike shorts, like i always wear it. i've had the pump fall off my leg before, which is sort of embarasing. it's just hanging there as i'm dancing and it may take a few minutes to realize it!

but last night was very strange. i was dancing and noticed my pump was actually on the ground! the tubing where it screws into the insulin cartridge in the pump apparently became disconnected! anyone have that happen before?

i went into the bathroom and screwed it back on, not thinking that air might have gotten into it; or that insulin may have actually escaped. didn't realize it until this morning when i woke up at 298! of course, i replaced everything right away. just had to share a very weird experience.

I haven't had any luck with things to hold my pump on my legs. I don't know if it is because I'm too wiggly (always was wiggly) or what. But I have found a pump camisole (www.diabetesnet.com - John Walsh's Diabetes Mall website). It has a shelf bra built into it, and a pump pocket (that also holds my CGM receiver nicely as well) between the "girls" Easy access and I know for sure that the pump is where I want it.

Yup, a few times I’ve got out of bed & forgot pump was loose so it went swinging to the floor…on one occasion it disconnected from the tubing just like your experience?? Tubing screw lock bit just got pulled off cartridge and yanked right thru the black end cap! I thought the end cap would stop this happening, can’t understand why the hole in it is big enough to let the screw lock coupling bit pull right thru??? Only ever happened once so far. Since then I’ve been screwing it on to the cartridge more tightly, don’t know if that has helped (I thnk it has).

Shocked when it happened!!

I was taught when tightening the cap, to turn it firmly and then turn it another 1/4 turn tighter.

My goodness Gayle… That must have been some intense dancing. : ) I’m imagining you in a poodle skirt being tossed over some athletic young gentleman’s head.

Thanks for sharing so we’re aware that kind of thing is possible.
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haha, nothing crazy. just fun dancing to top 40 songs! but i'm a little dancy crazy - i'll stay out there for 2-3 hours, non-stop!