TuDiabetes and Facebook better integrated

Ever seen a post on TuDiabetes that you’d like to share with others on
Facebook? You could do it by copying and pasting the URL on your
Facebook status, but now there is an easier way.

Similarly to how the community is now integrated
with Twitter
, you can directly update your Facebook status from any
page on TuDiabetes. Here’s how:

  1. For any existing topic, blog post, etc. scroll down to where the post ends and you will see a little Facebook icon like the one shown here:

    2) When you click on the Facebook icon the first time, you will be prompted to connect your Facebook account with your TuDiabetes account: this is done to make it easier for you to share content on Facebook -your private content on Facebook will NOT be made visible on TuDiabetes or viceversa (unless you choose to share content from TuDiabetes on Facebook). For the connection to happen, you will need to click on the Connect button shown in the pop-up you will be presented with:

    3) If you are posting a new topic, blog entry, etc. you can also share on Facebook (or Twitter) by clicking the box next to it at the bottom of the post box, as shown below. In the same way, the first time you do this, you will be presented with a box asking you to confirm that you want to be able to share content from TuDiabetes on Facebook.

    That’s it! Very easy! Another way in which you can tell others in your life about relevant content you learn of in TuDiabetes.

Very cool! Love it!

That’s great!