Using Twitter to help you with your diabetes management and connect with others

I just got an article about Twitter and how it can be used to help you better manage your diabetes published on DiabetesHealthCentral. You can read it here.

An excerpt:
"What if you could sort of instant message with hundreds of people in a collective fashion but without having to use another Instant Messaging program? What if you could make new virtual friends outside of your online acquaintances in social networks? And the biggest one of all: what if you could learn more about ways to better manage your diabetes while you are doing all of the above? Sound too geeky? It is, but it’s one of those geeky pleasures you may want to indulge in.

What I am talking about is Twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that saw the light of day in early 2006, starting to pick up steam over the following couple of years and starting to reach a critical mass the first quarter of 2008."

If you already have a Twitter account, make sure to follow TuDiabetes on Twitter. Also, you can follow me if you want. :slight_smile:

Feel free to follow me on Twitter

well, lets see if this works…you can follow me (I am new to this)

except I can’t get the link to work–maybe someone can explain how to do that?

It’s a pretty cool application! A caution, though - if you use on your mobile phone with text message updates, you may have extra text charges on your phone bill, depending on your carrier’s plan.

Great article Manny. I read it yesterday and tweeted about it. A caution to new twitterers, they are going through some technical difficulties and now might not be the best time to join. I would wait until after 6 pm PST 07.24.08. You can follow me @ www.twitter,com/knightsicre to get you started! or just type “follow knightsicre” in the “what are you doing” space.

I would read the help section to find out all the cool things you can do with twitter as well as all the great apps people have created like desktop widgets, iPhone apps, ways to figure out who you should follow. After awhile you will come to love the “fail whale”.

Best of luck and have fun!

I use Twitter, and that’s how I met Manny & TuDiabetes.

I use the iPhone application ‘Twinkle’ as well. Sometimes it does feel like I am a cry in the wilderness diabetic-wise, but it is a fun thing to do, posting tweets… I have a number of good folks following me on Twitter and I follow them too. 1 TuDiabetes member and I are following each other and post ‘tweets’ now and then.

People of the diabetes persuasion need to be more visible. With Plurk and Twitter/Twinkle, let’s do it!

That’s the beauty of Twinkle on an iPhone. No texting fees YAY!

Off to take my very old dogger to the vet. He’s 17 1/4 years old and is having trouble getting up and all. To be fair to him, we’re thinking it is time. STRESS, but we’ll see.

Will have to ‘follow knightsicre’ in what am I doing… your link was ‘not found’.

Anyone know of another Twitter application for the Blackberry, other than Twitterberry? I can’t seem to be able to install it.

Is the ‘Twitterific’ app available for BB? I’m on an iPhone, so I have 3-4 different apps I used, I like Twinkle and Twitterific the best.


Count me in!

finally success–hopefully it is set up correct now…

Changed my Twitter name to something more me.

Just thought I’d mention that World Diabetes Day now has a Twitter page:

If you have a Twitter account, make sure to follow WDD and also, follow TuDiabetes:

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I just learned about this category for diabetes that has been added to Twellow, a directory of sorts to help you find people in Twitter:

Personal twitter:
Diabetes twitter:

also, my website:

There was an article in the NYTimes today about Twitter, addressing how people use it, and a few pointers on etiquette. I joined, but I’ve been too scared to “tweet” because I don’t know how to use it, whether to use Twirl, Twitterific, etc. My name on Twitter is MarieBe