TuDiabetes featured Kansas City-area newspaper

We just got featured in an article titled “Social networking sites changing the way people learn about health” on Lawrence Journal World & News, a newspaper published in the Kansas City area:

This is very exciting!! Hopefully it will help us reach out to many more people touched by diabetes from this area.

Nice Manny…

I went to KU there in Lawrence and we used a different word than Journal when we described the paper… lol

Do I want to know what it was called? :slight_smile:

started with a U is all I will say

Totally awesome!

This is great! Online networking is so important - I love reading stuff like this. Keep spreadin’ the word!

A great average …1 out of 3 responses from CANADA :slight_smile: …love it …signed : pumper nel !!!

Is TuDiabetes local to kc?

No, they’re way out on the left-coast… err… Berkley

Wow Manny! That’s MY paper! I even work part time for the company. Would you like a paper copy?


Manny - the article was in the paper today (I thought I missed it - it was online before it went into print.

I will be in Lawrence on Thurs & Fri for some business

Wonderful, my parents live their in Lawrence. I digged the news, hope that helps! :slight_smile: