TuDiabetes on the Indianapolis Star newspaper

I have seen a lot of new members join as a result of an article that featured us on the Indianapolis Star. Welcome to all of you!

I have been searching for the article in the IndyStar web site without any luck. Would any of you that read it be able to scan the article and post it here, by any chance?

Thanks so much!!

I live in Indianapolis and just joined TuDiabetes since I just read the article in the Indianapolis Star. I’m sending you the article in two parts. Hope you get them both okay–haven’t scanned and sent anything for awhile. indygerry

Thank you so much, Gerry!!!

As it turns out they just posted it online too:

Rick Philips rocking in this photo!

(this photo is property of the Indianapolis Star -we have applied for permission it, so we can use it here).

I am attaching the PDFs of the two articles.
7318-indystar.comwebsiteshelpconsumerscopewithillness.pdf (104 KB)
7319-indystar.comFindanonlinecommunityforyou.pdf (84.8 KB)

Welcome to everyone who is joining from Indiana. I hope you enjoy our little corner of the Internet as much I have. If you would like please add me as a friend so I can say hello personally.

rick phillips

hey it’s rick. cool.

Mr. P…real cool ( and I read somewhere you had red hair …chuckle , chuckle , chuckle …I hope you let me :slight_smile: ) …from a gal your senior and living " up north " .

Yes I am red headed. Well when I had hair it was red. Now of course, I have red scalp, especially after being in the sun.


rick phillips