Turned down by Jenny Craig: anyone else?

I wanted to start on a weight loss program because I had gained more than a few pounds in the past few months and after looking at all the options we decided (Andreina and I) to join Jenny Craig. We went to our first meeting last Thursday and found out that my doctor had to sign off on paperwork for me to join because of the insulin I was taking or something to do with my diabetes (??).

Today I got a call from the person we met with last week saying that their medical review board (or something like that) had decided I couldn’t be accepted. She wasn’t really clear about the reasons, but I was wondering if this is a unique case or they simply don’t accept people with diabetes?

Now that blows!! Have you looked into NutriSystems? I know they have a plan for T2. I guess Jenny Craig is synonymous with beeatch!! I don’t see the problem if your Doctor signs off on the idea. Good luck!

Are they just wanting Type 2, pill and oral controlled?

The Jenny Craig medical FAQ page discussed Type II diabetes (http://www.jennycraig.com/corporate/medical/faqs/) but not Type I. The JC Diabetes Fact sheet says they might do exactly what they did to you (http://www.jennycraig.com/assets/documents/corporate/DiabetesFactSheet.pdf)

In my opinion, based on recent video evidence, you don’t need Jenny Craig. You need Dino to come up there and whip your butt into shape with some hard core b-ball for a week or two.

And lay off the cookies.


Terry : this response is awesome , cause I love cookies too …in my case I have not gained weight , however my A1C is up from last time …can Dino came to snowy Salmon Arm, BC, Canada too , please and tell me , the Lab screwed up , ha, ha ?

Weight Watchers has the same rule. I just don’t tell them! What they don’t know can’t hurt them… But WW is much more self-determined than Jenny Craig I think. It’s probably just liability lawsuits. They don’t want to get in trouble if you have a seizure while following their meal plans. I would try WW, it’s easier to manipulate.

A CYA policy, hmmm. Interesting since their dietary guidelines are the ADA’s, so you’d think they’d be covered.

Wow, what a let down. I had no idea these programs had guidline for Diabetics. You would think this would be a population that needs these programs just like everyone else.

What do you plan to do?

Manny, why don’t you look into the bodybugg program from apex fitness. I have tried Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig before and while you lose weight on their system most people do not keep it off. The BodyBugg program actually teaches you about the nutrition and caloric intake and expenditures to help you keep the weight off. It’s also great for keeping track of carbs!

Wow, this has got me shaking my head in disbelief. I would like to know their reasons. Obviously they didn’t know the least bit about you. I, too, would like to see Dino do some inspirational videos to whip us into a frenzy of exercise and clean eating.

I know many moons ago in my 20’s I had tried to join up to WW - but like was refused like you Manny due to my having diabetes.

With Jenny Craig tho’ like WW - you have to purchase their “food” in order to lose weight as well as exercise. I don’t know, for me, that won’t work because I’m cheap. I guess if you can make sure you eat healthier, cut down on portions, exercise (that’s the most important thing - and I’m bad with exercise), then you can start to lose weight gradually (fast weight loss to me usually means rapid gain if you go back to the regular way of eating all the time).

At least you and your wife both want to lose weight together (it’s more difficult when you’re doing it alone), so if you make out a plan (take out some books from the library perhaps) - and try not to drive yourselves batty when you are eying that teeny tiny piece of cake that is your reward for being good, then go for it.

Maybe if I lived out your way, I’d join you. With age, I’ve got a bit of a belly, tho’ it’s good for infusion/CGMS! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

I should have looked at that before going to the meeting. Still, it’s disconcerting that they’d turned anyone down based on the limited information they gathered from me:
-They had no clue what my most recent A1C was.
-They knew nothing about my diabetes management.

I do agree that I should (and will) do more of what appeared in the video:

Well, until I read Allison’s reply above, we were planning on going to WW… now I am wondering… :expressionless:

LOL - you guys are too much!!

Hmm… reading about bodybugg now. Thanks for the tip!

I was just welcoming some new members to TuDiabetes, and one said she found out about us at WW!

Wait, I recommend going on Weight Watchers… I mean, they still have the rule, but you just don’t tell them. I think that rule is with every program.

I’ve never heard of that rule for WW. I wonder if it’s different depending on the country?

Actually, there is no requirement to purchace “WW food” to follow WW. There are products if you’re interested, but quite frankly, the WW plan promotes food you can get from the grocery store - fruits, vegetables, lean choices for protein and good fats, and the points system really boils down to counting calories.

Manny, have you ever checked out http://caloriecount.about.com/ ? It’s a pretty neat site that helps support you in whatever kind of weight loss plan you follow. It has great utilities for tracking your calories eaten and burned, a great support forum, insightful blogs and a wealth of great information.