Turning the t:slim off?!

Hi Everyone,

I apologize if this has been covered before (and also, I can't find my user's manual...which probably isn't a good situation!). Does anyone know if it is possible to turn the t:slim completely off? Or do I just need to wait for the charge to run out? I'm going to be off the pump for about a week, and I can't get it to stop squawking at me (even though I stopped the insulin delivery).

I have it buried in my sweater drawer, but I would prefer to just turn it off...if that's possible!

Any help would be appreciated.


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Plug it into the wall outlet and hold the silver T button for a few seconds. If it's not plugged in it won't turn off. I went through the same thing when my son was off his for a few weeks. I finally had to call Tandem for help :)

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Thank you Jennifer! I was going crazy!

You're welcome!

Did you lose your previous data?

Check 8 May 2013 post

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We did not lose any data.

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Great info, thanks:)

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I needed to do this the other day (switched back to my Cozmo). I called support and they told me:

1. plug in USB cable (power or from computer)
2. once it indicates charging, press and hold the top silver (oblong) button until the t:slim beeps twice
3. it is now off

Hope this helps.


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WARNING: Turning the pump off can render it completely unusable (brick the device). I did this to my aunt’s unit because it was beeping incessantly and when we turned it on it had a malfunction code which support says is unfixable. Now my aunt is waiting 30+ hours for a replacement … not very pleasant.

Did Tandem say whether or not the error was caused by turning it off or was it just a random failure

I just tried this (plug in USB & hold down silver T button) with my newly integrated X2/G5 pump and it did not work… so I found an old syringe and filled it with coffee I had on my desk. Now it is quiet and I still have my CGM operational!