Tslim screen freezing?

My son, away at college had a problem today with the screen freezing during an alert. He called Tandem and they are overnighting a replacement ... I was just wondering if there was a way to reboot the pump?? Is the battery removable?? has anyone else had this happen to them??

I know from previous calls with the tandem tech support team that there is a way to reboot by using the USB and some secret pattern of button pushes, but it wont work if the pump is "frozen". Or maybe it was by plugging it in they could connect with it and reboot it. Somehow there is a way, but it can't be done without tech support walking you through it. No, the battery isn't removable either.
My t-slim "froze" a few months ago for no apparent reason, and like your son, I was 'over-nighted' a new one and all has been good ever since.

I used some other brand of pump for 10 years, and I broke- for various reasons- 8 of them in as many years, so I figure 1 a year is standard. And, for what its worth, the Tandem guys were going far above and beyond to try and actually overnight me a pump to Alaska (there's generally no way to get anything here overnight). They concocted quite a plan ... Lead Shipping Guy would take it to the airport to try to get on flight leaving in 1 hr, it would land in Anchorage around 11pm and then they were planning on hiring a courier to drive it 350 miles north to get to me before I hopped on a plane the next morning at 7am. (I was touched by their effort, but in the end decided to just send it to where I was going and not have to worry about tight connections and lost courier drivers at 3am... and I still have the previous pump as backup, so not too hard to covert for a few days).
Anyway, I decided their above and beyond customer service made up for any problems I had with the pump, which doesn't help your son at all, but might at least make someone feel better somewhere?

Sympathies to him for sure, but sorry, I know of no solution!