Twenty Dollar Surgery

I just finished my first liver/gallbladder cleanse. It was very successful! 8 stones! After researching it for a few months and having years of experience with alternative medicine (my whole life), I decided to try this version of the liver cleanse using apple juice/epsom salt/olive oil. I cannot believe how much better I feel after this cleanse, it has been the most rewarding cleanse so far. The largest stone (almost 1/2" diameter) was the almost fully calcified, as were 2 smaller cholesterol stones that had calcification signs (see pics). The large stone could have been blocking my gallbladder where it empties into the Common Hepatic duct, or it might have come from within the gallbladder itself. Either way, I am working my way up toward cleaning out the largest gland in the body and one that does an extreme amount of work to sustain life: the liver. LIVE-R.

Subsequent flushes will be done on a 4-6 week cycle, until 2 consecutive flushes produce no stones. Then a flush tune up every 6 months along with better focus on sleep/eating patterns and food choices will be made. I have been in good health thus far and have never had any gallbladder attacks or signs of any such reason to worry about this area of my body, but with the research that proves 95% of adults living in the modern world have such blockages, and how these blockages impede the body’s health, I decided to do some preventative maintenance. In todays environment, our livers have become overburdened with chemicals from pharmaceutical drugs and food toxins. Todays “disease epidemics” can be reversed by applying some common sense to how we eat, how we think and how we treat our bodies.

My digestion after meals is noticeably improved, sinus blockage is zero (something that has been increasingly bothering me over the years) and my chapped lip syndrome has been reduced by 90%. None of these chronic conditions would point todays doctor to the liver! Again, I cannot underestimate how good I feel. Believe me, this is not a placebo as some people will try to tell you.

It costs very little to do this requiring only:
-32oz of Apple Juice/day, preferably quality Organic such as Martinelli’s, but any brand will work. You are basically using the malic acid to soften the stones and get them ready for release.
-Epsom salt, one container. The epsom salt dilates the bile ducts.
-Olive oil, quality and preferably ‘light’ for taste and east of ingestion. The olive oil pushes the stones out of the ducts.
-Grapefruit juice

There is some important protocol to follow, and I highly recommend you purchase Andreas Moritz book to learn why you are doing this cleanse, what causes stone formation, how stones affect every aspect of your health and what you can expect after the cleanse. I have seen different variations on the ‘epsom salt/olive oil’ cleanse on the internet for a long time but only after reading this book did I feel confident that I understood what I was undertaking. Remember, you are performing self-surgery here and it should be treated seriously. That aside, it was extremely effective and easy to do! Just use your brain.
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Ok, so how much do you have to take and how many times a day? Epsom salt is supposed to be bad for diabetics. So how is the salt used? I am curious to learn more about this…ty

I don’t want this to look like I’m picking on you, or in any way being negative… I just did some research about liver cleansing and one of the first sites I came across was QuackWatch who of course say it’s a load of rubbish.

I’m totally open minded here, but just curious what you’d have to say about their comments? You say you feel better afterwards, which gives it a big thumbs up. That site also says there’s no harm in doing it (so long as a person is healthy at the time and isn’t avoiding other methods of health care). So really I can see no harm, except for the fact it sounds like it tastes HORRIBLE!! and as a diabetic the BGs could easily make the fasting & hard to dose for drinks kinda tricky.

Anyhoo… just curious :smiley:


I’m not sure if people with diabetes can take it, but I had a family member take milk thistle to help his liver, but he had been abusing his body with self medication of alcohol. He gave that up but still felt like crap, and he believed this helps.


His alternative medical crap might be something people with no health problems can dabble in, but it is DANGEROUS FOR PEOPLE WITH DIABETES.

This sounds particularly stupid, though.

I just clicked on that link and it says this “Many green, brown, yellow or black blobs of various sizes may later appear in the bowel movements”-so only on the internet did I just click on a link to look at something that was in poop, nice :wink:

. . . and we know these came from your gallbladder or liver because . . . ???

. . . and they got there in the first place because . . . ???

That’s right, I do not have diabetes. Maybe all the more reason to hear how I have kept myself healthy for 35 years.

Jenny, your posts to me in the past have been rude and unnecessary, and I don’t really have much else to say to you.

ouch, you know someday you might have a slice of humble pie. Even if you eat right, you can still develop diabetes-my son is living proof of that.
This does sound stupid for a diabetic to fast. Diabetes won’t take a break so you can fast, a person would get low blood sugars. I’ve heard of a person using glucagon while fasting for a colonoscopy, but that’s for a medical procedure for a cancer scare.

I don’t understand how a personal health testimony from someone without diabetes fits into the “alternative ways of treating diabetes” forum.

Where is the skepticism of conventional medicine? That is what I’d like to propose. On average, people that use alternative therapies and live a healthy lifestyle are vastly more healthy than those who visit people honoring the Merck manual. Anyone making this connection? Hello? Or is everyone too filled with pharmaceuticals and news programs that keep their minds from thinking sanely?

Most of the Quackwatch article talks about gallstones. They eventually become calcified and they do sink. What he does not explain is that by the time the gallbladder has filled itself with calcified stones, the liver has long since been burdened with the smaller stones, which are not calcified. This guy Peter Moran is a highly decorated doctor who represents the usual blather of educated people who follow handed down protocol (never really thinking for themselves) and debunk the ‘crazy people’ like me, who lives within a family of 5 who NEVER go to the doctor.

I’ve been on it before and Quackwatch is a site that is run by Stephen Barrett who writes many of the hundreds of articles on his own site. Stephen Barrett is a retired PSYCHIATRIST who has nothing else to do with his anger but direct it toward good people that want to see true health spread throughout the world. He is an example of those people who hold themselves higher than others who didn’t go to medical school, all the while hiding behind their shames and fears of becoming a real human spirit. I feel sorry for him and all of you who are being negative in your responses.

There is nothing quack about the fact that a very large calcified gallstone came out of me and that I feel VERY noticeable benefits.

The taste of everything was not bad at all, I was actually a little concerned about that but it was easier than I expected.

There is an obvious link between taking care of this very important organ, the liver (and gallbladder), and diabetes. It is responsible for your bodies fuel supply (and a lot more). Also, look at the picture here, to see where the pancreas empties into the small intestine using the common bile duct. The other picture shows a cross sectional cut liver, showing a stone lodged within it.
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I know Allison, but Jenny has been particularly rude to me in the past.

Remember, it’s not all about eating that can create disease. The field of psychogenic influence has already begun to prove it.

1 tablespoon, 6oz. water X 2 times evening of flush, 2 hours apart

same again in the morning upon rising, 2 hours apart

Listen, Next Dimensions, I am really sick of you implying I got Type 1 diabetes b/c I wasn’t treating my body right or I listened to conventional medicine too much or some other crap. I did nothing to get this disease and in fact was the picture of health before it manifested. Either you’re a jackass who wants to make us all feel horrible for something that is, in fact, beyond our control or you’re oblivious to the fact that what you post can make people, especially those new to this disease, feel that they are somehow “bad”. If you are lucky enough to not have a genetic pool that increases the risks of developing Type 1 or any of the other diabetes types, then I ask you to stop posting health care info that does not relate in any way, shape or form to diabetes management. We come to this site to get information and scoop on things that will help us, both now and in the future, manage our diabetes as best as possible. We do not appreciate being told we can just get rid of this disease if we “thought” right or if we looked at alternative medicines. Now, I realize this reply might not make much sense in the context of this particular thread, but it culminates from having read all of your other responses and posts and blogs. I have tried to ignore you in the past but I"m having a high blood sugar day and could not stand for you to spew this stuff at us anymore. And as for Jenny - she just has a more blunt way of saying what I’m sure many, many others in this community want to say to you. If you can’t stand the criticism, maybe you shouldn’t be posting around here. We are very protective of our health and you are going to get knocked around with the message you try to deliver to us.

psychogenic influence? No, my son got strep throat, his body attacked his pancreas. It’s that simple. We happen to have a family history, it sucks that it picked us but in the end God has a master plan. He comes from a loving home, there is no psycho babble to prove that wrong. There were no stressors, no trauma, nothing. Google attachment parenting, that’s what we do here.

every one needs to remember when you click on the links that people post you very well could be getting a virus . We have had this problem on MSN boards .

Maybe Next Dimensions is like diabetes . . .

. . . Ignore him and he’ll go away.

All of you amaze me. Yeah, I come here with information about ways to become healthier using nature as a guide and I become ridiculed and have fingers pointed at me, accusing me of posting viruses in attachments. It goes to show the fear that has been instilled in many of you by medical establishments and by your doctors. You are all living in fear!

I invite anyone to come to the light and become healthy. I have nothing to hide and no money to make by doing this. I have not accused anyone (TRACY) of not treating your bodies right. I’m showing you what I AM DOING FOR MY HEALTH. If no person here can see the connection between a having a clean functioning liver and whole body system and helping their own disease, whatever disease that may be, then go back to your doctor and listen to them. Stop defacing my life with your rude a** comments so that others can learn if they choose to do what I have done.