Twitter and diabetes

I’ve started using twitter as a way to record my blood sugars, food intake and eventually any activities ( if anyone is interested). Whenever I check my blood I tweet the number. Whatever I have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I tweet what I’ve eaten. Because I have my cell phone on me practically all the time, sending in the data is easy and fast. The date and time is recorded by twitter at the time it’s sent.

I was planning on using a site called to pull my tweets into an excel spreadsheet monthly and build my data that way, but today I found what may be a better tool (and more private?). is a site I found just today that allows you to direct message via twitter any info and the site will save and aggregate the data for you. I don’t know what the data will look like over time, but I’m curious to see.

Is anyone on using twitter or another online service to record their data?

I do sometimes, usually for my CGMS and meter at the same time, type of thing.

As an actual log book, no. I use my INTEL Mac in Windows VISTA and upload all the data from there for the doctor or whatever.

For a while, I was using Gmail. I’m now using

Before I was simply recording my blood sugar levels, weight, FBS and Hba1c on regular Microsoft Excel (data from the memory chip that comes with Accu-Check Advantage). Now Im also using