Dexcom g6 transmitter failed - before warmup!

Super disappointed. I have been using a libre since about a month after dx (November 2018). Finally got a dexcom g6 last week and was super excited to try it. Long story short, the transmitter failed on startup. Not the sensor - the transmitter. I couldn’t believe it.

Now waiting on dexcom to send another one - and living without cgm for the time being.

Anyone else ever had this happen? Not a great first impression for me.

Ps - I never bought the receiver. Is the receiver required or can you just use your phone? Was that why the transmitter failed???

I never bought a receiver either. I just use my phone, and it works fine.

My second transmitter failed, it wouldn’t start at all. But I had about a 6 day wait before I would get the one mailed to me? And I am too hooked on having one.

So I popped out the transmitter and left the sensor on and managed to play with it to get it to start working. I was desperate lol!!! The next sensor with it was fine, no issues at all. I usually like to restart mine but I had to remove it at the time because of a test, But then the third sensor I had a problem with it again. But I managed to get it to work again and It seemed to me it wasn’t sitting well (as flat) in the sensor. So I think the transmitter might have not quite the right shape or???

Anyway, by that time I was getting the messages of please send the defective transmitter back and I figured twice I had an issue with it to just take if off and send it back.

Dexcom Receiver is not required.
Using your phone only is your choice.
No. This is not the cause of the transmitter failure.

Can you provide and details on how you knew it was the transmitter that failed?
Do you have the exact message? I am only interested.

I didn’t save it. The app just said “transmitter failed” this happened during the 2 hour sensor startup deal. Then it wouldn’t do anything until I got a new transmitter.

Warming up now - fingers crossed.

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