it’s been confirmed, i’m a type 2.

my c-peptide test turned out with a normal range of the stuff in my pancreas. can’t remember much of it, but all i know is that i am producing some insulin. everything else turned out within range so nothing is too high or too low. i’m not pleased with my sodium levels, which aren’t too high but err on the higher side of the normal range. time to wean myself off my salt-tooth then. i’m really happy with my A1c of 5.3, which has gone down by 0.1. it’s not much but it’s assuring to know that i’ve been managing quite well.

the endo has put me on metformin and i’ll start taking it tonight. i hope i don’t suffer from much of the side effects the pharmacist mentioned, like nausea and diarrhoea. that would not be fun.

i had a chat with the diabetic nurse and she says that it could be MODY. but whatever the case, i’m to continue constantly monitoring my blood sugars and immediately call the diabetes clinic up should my numbers creep too high. my doctor will then up my dosage or if necessary, prescribe me insulin. my endo has told me to keep them, as far as possible, between 4-7mmol, which is pretty much what has been happening while i was on insulin.

i’m going to try going very low-carb to maintain my sugars, and get more exercise. the latter will be difficult because school takes up so much time. i’m thinking hitting the elliptical machine for 30 minutes twice a week, taking my weekly pilates class and hitting the pool once or twice a week for laps. that’s for a start to get me into a steady routine first. i’ll then gradually increase the frequency and intensity of each workout.

hopefully with metformin and my plans for a new diet and exercise routine, i’ll be able to shed more weight and be complication free too.

i’ll be keeping very close tabs on how my body responds to the metformin, especially my sugars. right now it’s off to do extensive research on type 2 diabetes before hitting the gym.

You might be the youngest Type 2 on TuDiabetes. You get to be the “Baby”!

Well… at least you know now. Hopefully the metformin will get everything straightened out! Awesome a1c, btw!

Daena, The C-Peptide test is not conclusive to rule out Type 1. Mine came back in the normal range also but I did some more research and discovered that if you are very early Type 1, you are still producing insulin. I had the antibody tests done and am positive for Islet cell antibodies. (Not GAD which is the most common one.) When you were on insulin, did a very small amount do the trick? If so, it is likely that you are not insulin resistant and therefore more likely to be Type 1. It would be worth checking it out because insulin is by far the best way of dealing with LADA. I also have a low A1C and am hopeful that I can stay in the honeymoon phase, producing my own insulin, for a long, long time.