Type 1 and P90X

Hi everyone,
I am new here . Been living with type 1 since 1966.I have recently started P90X,has anyone else done tyhis? I have always been preaty active ,but WOW this program is wild. My goals are to drop a few lbs ,tone up etc. What is your exoerience with blood sugars ,mine vary a lot during these workouts. When I played raquet ball i could skip an injection and eat lunch no problem ,great bs for a day or 2.

How is the P90X thing working out Joe?

I thought I was in good shape until I started this program Actually it is great , alot of variety and 3 differant ways to do it, 1) Orig 2) doubles 3) Lean. I am doing the Lean version , more emphasis on weght loss and long muscle toning

Hi there - I just got p90x and am planning to start it next week. I was wondering if you are following the nutritional plan it recommends and what effect it has had on your blood sugars and insulin doses. Any advice would be most helpful!

Congrats! I did use the food manual with some modifications. I chose to do the lean version of P90X for my first round and then I will be doing the standard version. I used fewer carbs and adjusted according to bg. As I stated the heavy workouts would sometimes raise my bgs. It can get kind of hard somtimes to trac(no pattern) A little protein and 5-10 carb prior seems to help stabilize bg. My goal at first is to lose a few lbs and firm up next build.
any question let me know Good luck

I did p90x last year. amazing. my husband did it and lost about 35 pounds. he looks great now. i used it and took 25 minutes off my pr for a sprint tri. best shape of my life. I had to turn down my basal rates on my pump considerable, especially at night since I did it every night at 7. this off season we are going to do insanity. 60 days that they say puts p90x to shame. from the same guys, but after 180 days with tony horton, i am ready to see somebody new on my videos. i still can feel my heart race just hearing the opening clip on those videos. good luck, and if you see it through, you will love what great shape you will be in. i started not being able to do a pullup, at the end i could do 8.

I didn’t. I stayed with eating what I normally do, i didn’t lose much weight, but i wasn’t looking to loose much, just wanted to be able to bust out those pullups. my husband followed the meal plan and lost 75.

Joe: How did P90X go? Was it worth it? Any tips on blood glucose management on the program?

I am going to dive in with Day 1 on Saturday. Wish me luck.

Thats Great. Sounds like you both got what you wanted out of it I am getting ready to order Insanity

P90X was great . WELL WORTH IT TOUGH BUT YOU GET GREAT RESULTS Getting ready for another round
Blood sugars varied during cardio and weight. Just tested extra and made sure to eat a little something and take a little insulin for balance. I have heard diff people doing diff things , this worked for me

43 years here. P90X got me in the best shape of my life. (sounds like the commercial) It is hard but worth it . try the whole program . I am sure you will love the results

Type 1, Start P90 X on Monday 10/19/09. Have been exercising for years and am in pretty good shape. Trying P90x due to heavy weights irritating shoulder, elbow joints. Body Fat around 15%, weight 164, height 6’. I think I will try the nutrition advised. This concerns me as they advise the usual 6x per day small meals within caloric guideline. Generally for me, exercise will raise bg, especially with weights. I would not normally eat with a bg of 200+ which would happen on weight days. Cardio will bring bg down so that is not a problem. Did anybody get shredded (visible abs) on p90x following their nutrition plan ?

Hi, ive trained using p90x and ive gotten great results
it keeps my sugars down and i realised after my workout i require 40% less insulin but if i eat again i require what i ussually do even if i had worked out
i did original i gained 8 kgs of mucsle in 3 months

2 days in to P90X along with son (also Type I)! If either of us quits the other pays for the program!

Feels as good as being hit by a train can feel!

No chance of posting before photos, after, we’ll see,

I do the P90X during the winters to keep the pounds off and because of running in the dark winter is so depressing. I do avoid having limited workout equipment at the house so a couple of hand weights, some bands, a pullup bar, the perfect pushup and a yoga mat are all I keep at the house with my P90X dvd’s. And just like Erin said it will get you able to do some nice pull ups. www.thediabeticcamper.blogspot.com