P90x anyone?

Hey there :slight_smile: On monday night I started doing P90x with my sisters and was just wondering if anyone else has done it and what you thought? So far we did two workouts and Ab ripper once. Ouch. I think I will get to like it if I’m having success and if I make it through the first little while but for right now this is hard! My arms and tummy were a little sore after monday and while my arms arent doing too bad my tummy has gotten more sore with time (abb ripper again today won’t help!). My legs are a little sore after last night and I think its the same as the tummy and will only get worse. I’m getting ready to go to the doctor and since I know my blood work results wont be what I want I’m looking forward to being able to tell him I’m doing this :slight_smile:
Everyone have an awesome day!!!

Hey Leanna! I’ve done the P90x workouts and they are no joke! You will definitely be sore. I stuck with it for 90 days and noticed definite improvements in strength (such as the number of push-ups I could do at the beginning compared to the number by the end of the program). I stuck with mainly the weight lifting work outs and didn’t really do the cardio type workouts, just because I thought they were kinda boring and I rather be outside doing cardio (like walking or jogging, just a personal preference). Managing blood sugar during the workouts wasn’t really a problem for me. Sometimes my BG would spike high but that always depended on what my BG was when I started and what time of day I was working out. Good luck to ya!

Hey Melissa is nice to hear about your success! My legs are getting more sore like I figured they would and now we did it again this afternoon. I think I’ll be very sore in the morning from the normal workout and we did Ab ripper again :confused: I want to be sore so I know its working but have a busy day tommorrow so I hope I get through it ok!!

I’ve done it and had good results (muscle building, weight loss) but it’s VERY challenging. Unsolicited advice: be sure to rest muscle groups for at least a day in between workouts, including abs. This gives them a chance to “absorb” the changes and get ready for the next onslaught. Also I found I did best working out after a light breakfast, and had to check and correct (I’m a T1) sometimes afterwards, since vigorous cardio can shoot sugars up. Good luck!

Thanks Bron! I’m pretty sore and after three workouts I can already say its challenging :slight_smile: I agree with what you said about reting muscle groups. We’re sticking to the order they tell you to do it in as they have it set up to rest between. I’ll update once I’m into it farther and if anyone has anymore advise I’m open :slight_smile: