Type 1 Diabetes Women's Support Group

I had my first meeting of a Type 1 Women’s Group today and 14 women came. What a great group of amazing women! They ranged in age from 20s to 80 and in diagnosis time from 5 months to 50 years! We just scratched the surface at getting to know each other. It feels good to talk to other Type 1’s in real life!

Forgot to mention, we’re in the San Francisco East Bay area - in Berkeley if any of you are local, and want to join us. (I posted on the N. Cali group).

Hi Zoe: I wish I could have attended! I just flew in this morning from Bangkok, so couldn’t attend, but I look forward to the next meeting. Thanks for doing this, Melitta

Bangkok, wow, I’m jealous…of the food if nothing else!! Well, ok…of everything!

I look forward to meeting you, Melitta!

That’s so cool. Maybe I’ll be able to join you some time. I live in Carmichael

Wow that is great news for you. I think you’ll find that you really enjoy this group and all the experiences there is to offer. Wish we had something in our area. Rome, NY. Lisa

Not so far and a good excuse to come to the Bay Area to shop/eat/whatever!

I wish we had a support group like yours in my area!!

Hi Zoe,

I was one of your attendees, and yes, it was a good first meeting. I thought that the group had a good range of women with many life experiences with Type 1. It seems like there is a lot that can be learned, shared, and gained from getting to know each of the members, including other common issues like Gastroparesis, (which I also have). I hope to be able to attend more meetings. Please keep us all posted on future plans, activites/events for the group. I appreciate your efforts in putting this new Type 1 Diabetes Women’s Support Group together.

Take Care,

Hey, contact the JDRF and start one! They were really great support in getting the word out to women all over the area. Since I don’t have a car I could only put up flyers locally. The fact that many women came from 1/2 hour or 1 hour away told me that there is a definite need for this type of group. I couldn’t believe I was meeting that many type 1’s all at once!