Type 1: Loners vs. Lovers

one of my good friends from high school is a T1. I haven’t seen him in a few years, but we were close at the time. Actually, we were friends before I turned D. I also had a very good friend in college who’s a T1. We got together a few months ago but don’t talk nearly as often today. I guess it isn’t fair to count my little brother. D never played much of a role in forming those relationships, we just happen to be a particularly good-natured people.

I’ve been T1 for 51 years and I have never met – or befriended – another diabetic. I never went to camp, I’ve never belonged to JDRF or ADA or any other group; I don’t have team. I’m sure the reason is, I’ve never disclosed my D to anybody, ever. I never found it necessary. Everybody is different, but I never found a need to interact (face to face) with diabetics. Nothing wrong with those who do, but I’m pretty emphatic that the less people know about my medical condition the better. I’m convinced it’s the reason I’ve done so well for so long.

I grew up in a small community of about 7,000. There were less than 90 in my graduating class. Amazingly in the four years of high school there were a dozen kids with T1. This was back in the early 70s. Our parents formed their own support group.

This was before the day that diet sodas were available anywhere but the grocery store. So our parents had a mini concession stand with diet soda at the county fair and school events.

I also attended dibetes camp where I made lifelong friends. My two bridesmaids were fellow campers.

I stay in closer contact with my D friends than I do the non-Ds.

I've always known I am blessed.

I’ve only known one type 1 at my old job and haven’t heard from her since. I know one of my cousins is type 1 but I don’t see him much, so I’d say I’m a loner, sadly.

I've only known a handful of T1s in my life but only slightly better than an acquaintance. No good friends that are T1s but I don't go looking for friends using the criteria.

However, all of my friends, acquaintances and most anyone I talk to has a relative that is a T1 or T2.