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I just read Why aren’t there more Type 2 bloggers? I’ve seen this topic come up here with regard to forum postings. So, I have to ask myself why am I reluctant to talk about my experience with Type 2. This is not earth-shattering news, but I have to admit I’m afraid of the blame game even in a safe environment like this. It’s a knee jerk reaction that I’m trying to fix.

Having T2 is draining, but shouldering the responsibility for, among other things, the high cost of medicine (tongue firmly in cheek) is a bit much. I have been slammed so many times (never here) both in subtle and overt ways, that I just lost the desire to comment at all.

Like I said I’m trying to fix that.


I have to say, this is a question I have struggled with. It isn’t just blogging, you would expect that 90-95% of the members here at TuD would be T2, but we are actually more split about 50/50 between T1 and T2.

I think that many people with T2 feel shame and blame about their condition and it is reinforced everywhere, even by medical professionals who should know better. And actually talking about T2 in public, that can be a big step. When you are diagnosed as an adult with T2 we also feel like we should just belly up and be a trooper. We should put on our game face and just deal with it ourselves. But in my heart, I know none of this is true.

So I’m trying to make a difference myself. My latest blog post is about the rampant use of the phrase “Reversing Diabetes” which I consider to be inaccurate, misleading and harmful.


I identify with this statement, too. I also read your blog about Reversing Diabetes, and it is a phrase that has bugged me too. Thanks for addressing it.

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Another aspect of life with T2 is that (for me) when I was diagnosed as an adult I already had a life.

What I mean by that is: my personality was formed and I was mature. So, for me T2 hasn’t defined me in the same way growing up with a chronic illness would have.

It’s taken me a while to figure out what I want to say (as a blogger) about life with T2 diabetes and to move beyond the conversation around lifestyle changes.

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Considering that I made all the recommended “lifestyle changes” BEFORE diagnosis and was fit and active at that time… I cringe at the suggestion. The whole conversation about reversing or curing T2 with a few adjustments and a few lost pounds (been there, too) drives me nuts.
It’s even worse that I’m on insulin and have volatile enough BG that I wear a CGM – how bad could I be, right? There’s no one-size-fits-all for T2, there’s no magical “lifestyle” cure, and T2 is for life with current medical technology/knowledge. Manage yes. Reverse? Cure? Blame? Not so much.


I had been eating a low GI diet for some time before I was told I was pre-diabetic. I also exercised, had a very active dog to keep me up to the mark there. I am very irritated by this whole lifestyle thing and even more irritated that I was given the wrong information by my dr. Eating Low GI and exercising did not reverse diabetes for me.

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@Corinna and @Brian_BSC,
I really appreciate the topics both of you are addressing in your blogs. I wish the medical community would pay some attention to these topics. Thank you.

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I am new to this forum and am just reading through all the posts here.
I agree with this too, there are a lot of posts and discussions about T1 here.

When I was diagnosed with T2, it was a different story altogether. I had no shame about being a diabetic.
But I had to make a lot of lifestyle changes to get my levels down.

I have heard a lot of people talking about Reversing Diabetes too.
They have all kinds of recipes to try out which might help get rid of this and each once has his own unique way of it.
But truly I am still in the blind about the whole thing. For now I am just trying to get it all in control.

I will surely read more out here and contribute my story too.

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Thanks for the shout out @kathimcb

As a type 1 blogger, I think most of what has been said is true in one way or another. But here is the thing, It is the same risks we type 1 bloggers also deal with. I have written a few over 300 blogs and yes a few readers have been hyper critical. Most however, are kind and cut me some slack for a wrong statement.

Here is what I want to offer. My site is set up to accommodate many different bloggers. This way folks who want to blog a little will be welcome. If you want to try at literally no cost let me know and i will work to get you on my web site www.RADiabetes.com, Please join us if you wish to write for this site.t



Thoughtful piece Brian! After a couple of of years of looking at books & blogs that promise “reversal”, I know to stay way from those. Very angered by the doctor-authors!

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If anyone has a wish to just dip their toes in the water I would urge you to follow Rick’s advice. There are many blogs that would love to have a guest post from someone with Type 2. I’ve not been blogging long but I’ve gotten a very good reception. And while there will always be people who are critical, the good stuff far outweighs the bad. I’d also offer that if anyone just wants to write a piece and send it to me for comment, I would be pleased to provide private feedback. A post can range from just a paragraph or two up to a lengthy rant. I suspect Rick would be happy to comment as well.


My pleasure

@Rphil2 and @Brian_BSC,
Very generous offers. Thank you.