Type 2 - specific speaker series

Continuing the discussion from Type 2 bloggers:

During the months of October and November we’re putting together a special series of live interviews on TuDiabetes that will focus specifically on type 2 diabetes, and one of the topics I plan to discuss at length during that time (as well as the rest of the year), is the blaming and shaming that people with type 2 encounter. If you have any specific people you would like me to invite to come speak with us as part of this series (or any time), please share their names with me in the thread below!


@Corinna immediately comes to my mind


Thanks, Emily, for arranging these interviews. It was through the events here that I actually discovered Corrina’s blog.


@Corinna is one of our speakers in the series!!! November 18 at noon Pacific :smile: We’ll be focusing on myths about type 2. Here’s the event post.

Thanks for the shout out @MarieB!