Type 2 Diabetes

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Are Type 2s short on amylin but still produce too much insulin at the same time? Confusing, as insulin and amylin are both produced by the beta cells, which is why Type 1s lack both. I thought if someone produced too much insulin they would also produce too much amylin?

Great video, Pauly. Wikipedia describes amylin as “can induce apoptotic cell-death in insulin-producing beta cells, an effect that may be relevant to the development of type 2 diabetes”.

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There is certainly a genetic predisposition along with an auto immune component that are also causes of Type 2. The addiction of carbohydrates along with out of control appetites facilitating weight gain is a huge issue for the Type 2 community. Its the gasoline thats poured on the fire so to speak…

The interesting question is why do people overeat so much hence speeding up their disease process. Cant they push away from the table? In my case I was so out of control I was starving to death as my BG levels were so high that I couldnt uptake nutrients.

Hence the direction of the drug companies to work on the GLP-1 type of drugs such as Byetta and Victoza to effect the signaling of satiety to the brain. These too have their drawbacks and like any drug dont always work on everyone and carry their own risks. But having elevated sugar levels often outweighs those risks. It is one of the drugs of choice with Dr B in his clinic for Type 2 patients.

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