Type one diabetic and about about 5 weeks pregnant

I found out at the begging of this week that I am pregnant! :slight_smile: We are very excited about it. My blood sugar has been running high in the morning when I first wake up but tend to come down after I get insulin in the morning. Last time my A1C was testing I was at a 7.5. My diabetic doctor has told me she can no longer care for me because, she doesn’t take care for women who are expecting. she failed to inform me of this when I told her I was off my meds and trying for a baby. My gyno Doctor is suppose to refer me to a new doctor, But I am wanting to know what some of you ladies have done to help with blood sugars and different things.
Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Congratulations !!!

And Wow. IMHO that was pretty crappy of your Endo. She should have informed you earlier plus kept you on until you find somebody so as to have a smooth transition.

At least you should get lots of great advice here.


BTW - What method do you use for insulin? Pump, pen, other ?

That is a crappy endo! Who does that?

Do you have a CGM? Be prepared to start tweaking your ratios constantly. It never ends as far as I can tell (though, prepregnancy I did a lot of tweaking too, my sugars have just never found their exact groove). Start testing constantly! Even with a CGM (make sure it is accurate). These are the perimeters my endo gave me for blood sugars and seem to be pretty typical for pregnancy goals:

-Fasting/between meals - 70-95
-One hour after meals - 140 or lower
-Two hours after meals - 120 or lower

Good luck!

Very hard to hear from someone who is suppose to be on your team! Things are a little different than it was when I had my first. But that being said, a CGM is the game changer. Get one and get the range you have as tight as you can while still trying to get some sleep. I am no longer in the pregnancy mode, I do think my little Dexcom has really opened up a whole new book of knowledge to me. I can see everything I do and how it affects my blood sugar. Hope you can find that perfect endo who can get you through this. Who knows maybe you will like him/her better. My endo when I first saw told me her speciality was diabetes & pregnancy and I laughed and said no thanks, but she was still my endo and thank oddness she was. Got me through two perfect pregnancies. Good luck and keep us posted!

Thank you all so much for the support!! My gyno has a doctor lined out for me from what his office has told me. I am a type 1 and I am on the insulin pump. With an A1C of 7.6 and going down do you mind of I ask yall how your A1c ran during your pregnancy?? And I have only had like a hand full of blood sugars over 200.

I ate very low carb for both my pregnancies, along with taking tons of insulin. I ran in the low to mid 5s for both. My girls are now 5 and 8 yo and doing great.

Monitor very closely. Be prepared to correct both highs and lows.

I found I couldn’t eat carbs at breakfast, so breakfast was usually eggs and meats. LUnch and dinner were both meat and veges. Snacks were nuts, cheese, meats.

You can do this!

Well that is great to hear I have never had that low of an a1c to be honest before i moved my doctor told me to stay in the 7s to 6s. I am finding that I run high after eating breakfast so maybe I will try to egg and meat thing!

Just a different perspective – to consider that it’s not necessarily a question of a crappy endo. My endo also cannot care for pregnant women (it was a shock for me the first time he told me, but in fairness it was as soon as I mentioned to him that we were going to try for a baby), but it is not a personal choice. His professional insurance imposes this limitation (and in fact ALL the endos in the area are under the same limitation). He also immediately referred me to the local maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) practice for a pre-conception consultation, which was incredibly helpful. I have always managed my BG very tightly (with pump, lots of finger pricks and intermittent CGM use when things seem to be fluctuating more than usual), but learning the various details of a pregnancy with diabetes motivated me even more.

Then, as is the process here, as soon as I did get pregnant, I became a patient at the MFM clinic where part of the care is reviewing BG records at every visit (and they are frequent!) and suggesting adjustments, if the patient needs such help. In my case – and I would recommend this approach to everybody in this situation – I make my own adjustments to basal and bolus rates all the time. Getting comfortable with that is the best thing you can do for yourself, considering the constant changes your will encounter during pregnancy. (And, if you can, shoot for an HbA1c below 6, regardless of what your doctors say.)

Yea I am for sure working on my sugars I woke up today at 88 so I am for sure doing better there and it was just not professional of her to not tell me when I first mentioned something about having a baby and trying for one. She just said okayy and just kinda blew it off. I am already working on my sugars a lot more to get my a1c below 7 and in the 6s that’s for sure.

I am currently 22 weeks. So far my A1Cs have been 4.9, 4.8 and 4.7. I am happy to keep them within that range and not get lower. For me personally, I deal with lows well–I can feel them coming on and have very little trouble treating them. For someone not as comfortable riding the low line, a slightly higher A1C might be safer. It’s all about what is going to work for you!

I have been vegetarian (mostly vegan) most of my pregnancy. Mornings are always more of a struggle (especially during the first couple months when fighting morning sickness meant eating constantly!) but I have found eating and bolusing for a small meal early in the morning makes it easier to eat a larger meal an hour or two later. (Also morning work outs seem to help!)

I have an appointment on Nov. 6 today has been a hard day with my sugars, but other than that I have been doing really good. I don’t like running in the lower side I don’t do to well with it when I get past 72 I get to shakey and don’t like the feeling lol. I do really well if I run in the low hundreds and around 80 to 140ish. Saw my ob doctor today he didn’t say much but he did start my referral to my high risk ob that will also help with my diabetic questions and everything