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Hi Everyone!!!

I've been a type 1 diabetic for 27 years. I just started using the OmniPod system a couple of weeks ago. I'm changing pods every other day. My CDE and my Dr. suggested using U-500 insulin in order for my pods to last longer and to bring my BG down a little lower. Before yesterday, I'd never heard of U-500. When I got home from the Dr.'s office I googled some info about U-500 and saw that it is very strong. Does anyone out there use U-500 in their pods? If so, how are your results with it?

U-500 is 5 times as strong as the typical insulin (which is U-100). (5u/ml vs. 1u/ml)

I would assume that working with your doctor to get your I:C ratio, correction factors,etc, dialed in would make using it just fine. Here are some previous discussions from the Omnipod group regarding U-500. Looks like a few folks had some bad lows b/c of it. But others seem to have little/no issues. So I guess proceed w/ caution (just make sure you have good communication w/ your physician?)?

u-500 insulin
Spent the night in the hospital...
This one looks helpful: R-500 Insulin
Which insulin do you use...

Thank you so much for the links. They were really helpful. I'm going to follow my doctor's recommendation and try it out. I'll keep you posted and let you know how I adjust to it. :)

I've been using U-500 in my Pods for a year, and am very pleased. Just work VERY closely with your doctor to make adjustments. It's great not having to change pods every other day.

Contact me if you have questions.

Good luck.

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for the reply. My CDE and I got together this evening and changed my settings and I loaded up my first pod with the U-500. I'm gonna keep a really close eye on my BG readings and hopefully all will go will. I'll keep you posted.

Hello Chelseabetic,

Good luck on trying to get pregnant. I just started the U-500 within the last few minutes. I'll let you know how everything turns out.

UPDATE: My first night on U-500 was interesting. I had a couple of mishaps, but they had nothing to do with this insulin. They are all credited to my personal goofiness. Let me explain. I did a pod change with the U-500. I checked my BG after the pod change and it was 108. After my reading, I looked at my PDM and realized that my batteries were really low. I had 2 more AAA's in my house and said, "OK, I'll change the batteries!!" I didn't know that after you change the batteries in them PDM, you have to deactivate your pod. I hadn't had this pod on for 5 minutes and I had to change it out. So, when I put the second pod on, I hit a really bad spot. It REALLY REALLY hurt, when the cannula went it. I'm pretty stubborn and unless it's a burn or a broken bone, pain doesn't bother me that much. I DID NOT want to change out another pod in one night. Although it hurt, I kept the pod on for a few hours. All of a sudden that spot started hurting so bad, I couldn't take it anymore and I had to change pods AGAIN. I checked my BG right after the change and it had gone up to 246. I guess I wasn't getting any insulin while the "huting pod" was in me and my BG just shot up. I didn't get an occlusion failure, but for some reason my sugar was out of whack. Anyway, I tried to bolus and the PDM told me that since there was a time change detected (I had to reset the time and date after I changed the battieries), I had to wait a couple of hours before I could bolus. REALLY??? Anyway, I patiently waited because I didn't want to give myself a shot of anything while pumping the U-500. After my waiting period was over, I was able to give myself the suggested bolus. I checked my BG every 2.5 hrs and bolused until my BG came down to about 135. Hopefully, I won't have anymore issues with my pod today and I can see how the U-500 works out.

Uh...no... you don't need to change the pod when you change batteries in the PDM...you might have hit a wrong key. Nothing happens when the batteries are changed at all...everything should keep running!

You're probably right. Like I said, I'm blaming everything on my personal goofiness. I'll see what happens the next time I have to change my batteries. I have a question for you. How long do your batteries usually last? I just started using my OmniPod system 2 weeks ago and I've had to change batteries already. Do yours last longer than that?

That sounds about like what I get out of them. I haven't been too careful about keeping track.

When you change the batteries, do it fast...don't leave it without any batteries too long.

Just curious what your usage of the U-100 insulin was? I've been on the OmniPod for about a month now and I think I'm finally getting my rates and corrections down pretty well. Unfortunately, I'm using about 120-130 units a day. I get less than two days out of each pod. :-(

My first plan of attack is to try and lose some weight and get on a more rigorous exercise program. I'm hoping that this will allow me to start getting my insulin usage under 100 units a day. As long as I can get two full days out of the pod, I think I'll be much happier.

Keep us informed how the U-500 works and I may have to look at that solution down the road.


I was using on average about 115 or more units a day. I've only been on the U-500 for a couple of days, but it seems to be working pretty well. I've had a couple of overnight lows, so I might have to set a temp basal for my sleeping hours, but other than that I'm having good results. On the U-500 I've been using SIGNIFICANTLY less insulin. For example, Saturday, I used 22.25 units for the day. Sunday, I used 20.00 units for the day. For the first time, I'll definitely be able to wear my pod until it expires.

Update: I've had my first successful 72 hour usage from my pod. (YAY!!!) So far, my review for the U-500 is positive. My BG levels are good. It just surprises me how little insulin I've had to use. Over the past 3 days, I'm averaging about 21 units a day. I'm also happy because my rotation areas will have enough time to heal between pod changes since I don't have to change every other day. I know that I should rotate to different areas, but I prefer my lower back and, for lack of a better term "upper butt" because they are out of the way and I don't have to worry about knocking my pod off. For those of you who were considering asking your Dr about the U-500, I suggest you go for it. Although it's only been a few days for me, I've seen good results.

Great news!
Glad the insulin is working out well for you. And yes, rotating less often will give your locations time to heal a little longer which will be better in the long run.