UCSF Diabetes Symposium 2012 - who is going?

This event is happening on Saturday, March 10th at UCSF. Their description, "The adult program is free and is appropriate for parents of type 1s of all ages as well as adults with type 1 of all ages." Yeah! Something for us!

I heard about it through a type 1 diabetes group for women near where I live. I registered right away. I'm just now taking a look at the email they sent a couple of days ago and there is now a wait list! They say this is the first time in 15 years they have a wait list for both the adult and kid sections of this symposium.

What's interesting is, while I've been gone from the area for over 10 years, this seems to have started when I lived in San Francisco. Now I'm going to ask my doctor why they didn't let me know about it. (He's a UCSF endo, so they should all know about this.) This event if free for adults and there is a fee for the children's camp that happens on the same day.

Here is the link, as mentioned there is now a wait list, but it probably doesn't hurt to register if you want to attend. Also, by registering, you'll be on the list for next year's event.

I'm excited because there are a few talks throughout the day that seem like they'll be really informative. Like all of us, I go through diabetes fatigue now and then. Right now, I'm in NYC and vainly trying to ward off a cold. My pump doses have changed. I'm being more vigilant with testing, but I get hit with lows every few days. I also have to get back to working out, but I'm anxious with these more aggressive doses. Anyway, I'm hoping for some new ideas, bonding and inspiration. I'm just wondering who else is going?

Wait, no one but me went to this last Saturday?

....looks around for familiar faces...

Anyway, it was a great day and, for me, it was really comforting to be surrounded by other people dealing with type 1 diabetes. Nothing against type 2s, but I feel type 1s get lost in the chatter when type 2s enter the conversation.

The next morning I actually felt a little sad that I'd not be around people like me or that if something went wrong, I'd have to explain. During the symposium I had to switch my infusion set connector and it was no big deal. I didn't announce it but it came up in a short conversation with someone in the hallway when I was en route to the restroom. The reaction? Normal. Whereas with someone else it would have been a teaching moment. I think I'm just fatigued with explaining it ALL THE TIME.

That bit of sadness on Sunday morning showed me I need to reach out more because I'm dealing with this alone most of the time.

That's great that you attended this conference and felt good connected to other Type 1's. I'm starting to really miss my Type 1 Women's Group so it might be time for me to wander down to the Bay Area for a visit soon. I'm also trying to start a group in the northstate where I live now.

I think the best thing I got out of spending time with other Type 1's was normalizing it all. Meeting vital and happy women of all ages, sizes, length of diagnosis, etc who are living their lives with Type 1 was so positive.

Well, I'm probably going to have to go to that group too. I was just a little leery of riding my bike all the way down there. I'm also usually working during that hour but I can shift things around.

I was over there this weekend and got there by bike, so no excuse regarding that. I'll probably make an appearance this week. Plus, it's really near a Mexican restaurant that I want to try. :) (Weave in food and I'll make the trip, so I've weaved it in for myself!)

Coming back would be nice, but have you considered maybe also creating a group near where you are? That way you can take a field trip, but can also have one nearby too!

Yep, I've always wrapped trips around food destinations!

Actually I'm working to start a group in Redding, but the nearest JDRF is Sacramento (3 1/2 hours from me) so we'll see if it works. I'm also planning on having a retreat in the spring which is a tricky way to get the Type 1 Women's Group to come to me!!

Hi Regina,
I was at the symposium! I found the morning lectures very interesting and inspiring, I especially loved the Dr from Standford talking about the artificial pancreas and the dolphin trainer. For me, there wasn't enough focus on adults in the afternoon sessions. I totally understand the primary focus being on kids, it is the JDRF after all. However, if they are going to market this as an adult T1 event as well it would have been nice to have a breakout for just adults and one just for parents. For me, I was hoping to find more advice on dealing with stress of work, conception planning, etc --just general adult stuff. Like you, it felt nice to be around so many other diabetics and for everything we had to deal with to seem and feel normal. It was very freeing! I am going to try to start going to more of the JDRF quarterly events in the city just for that reason.

Yeah, but juvenile diabetes is what we have too. We're just not juveniles anymore.

I felt the same way. However, I tried to be patient because I figure the struggles parents were having with their type 1 kids (except the teen stories), were issues we'd have: diabetes burnout, travel issues, etc.

But you're right about the other things. There are issues we face as adult type 1s that kids don't: having our own kids, romantic relationships, work, etc. I know I've got shortcuts and tips for OB/GYN diabetic stuff that I've learned over the years. Being a type 1 adult female has its challenges. That's not stuff parents are struggling with at all. That's what their diabetic daughters will be struggling with in a few years. I was hoping they'd have some adult breakout groups too. Since they sent all everyone away at 3pm, 3 to 4pm or so would have been a perfect time for adult type 1s to reconvene. I had to quash my usual dislike of being near kids during lunch too; actually, I didn't. I left the area where families were hanging out and found a quiet child-free room. ;) That might have been another good time for an adult-only session.

Yeah, totally agree. It was interesting to hear so many stories from parents perspectives too. I understand why it was primarily focused on parents, but I think for next year if they are going to call it an Adult T1 symposium it would benefit to have at least 1 breakout sessions for us adults. I think it would be helpful for the parents of teens, esp with the ones that are going off to college soon! I am really glad I went though and will def go again next year!

(Don't know if anyone will see this, it's so old!)

Do you know if they had/will have one of these in 2013? My doctors are allll at UCSF, and haven't heard about this, (actually, didn't hear about it last year, either) and don't see anything on the website.