Unable to heal from cold/sinus infection

HI all,

I pretty much never get sick but beginning of May I got a bad cold… After three weeks, the cough and phelgm did not go away and my dr gave me antibiotics - it got better but didn’t completely go away… (I tried all the natural stuff too)

Yesterday it came back with a vengence and dr gave me more antibiotics but a different sort…

I haven’t been sick since like 7 years ago which is before I found out I had diabetes…

My numbers are OK but I only test in the morning…

I take met 1000mg twice a day, 50 mg Januvia and 7 units of Lantus before bed.

I am worried I will not get rid of this… And I just found out I have to look for another job so more stress… which is hard to do with this cold/sinus infection whatever it is…

if this doesn’t work , than my dr wants me to go to an ENT… not sure how that is going to help because I already use two allergy meds - I don’t have normal allergy symptoms usually.

Can anyone give me some advice?? Has this happened to anyone? How did they finally heal?

I know diabetes is supposed to make it harder to recover…

If it’s a severe sinus infection that’s resisting antibiotics, an ENT doctor will likely have to operate laparoscopically to break it up (shove a little device up your nose to chisel the garbage out of your sinuses). My brother had to have it done after a similar ordeal— it fixed him right up.

Several years ago I experienced a sinus infection that led to hyperglycemia and greatly increased doses of insulin. During my first course of antibiotics I felt much better and my BG numbers started to improve. Within a day after stopping the antibiotics I had a relapse.

I called the doctor and he ordered a second round of the same antibiotic. I remember feeling skeptical of this tactic. I thought that a different and more targeted antibiotic was needed. It turned out that the doctor was right. The second course knocked out the infection. Infections cause high blood glucose which in turn further entrenches the infection. It’s a vicious cycle.

Have you been drinking lots of water? I know this is good, especially when sick, but I resist doing this for some reason. Good luck. I hope you’re better soon.

Consider a Neti Pot In addition to what the article describes, warm salt water is a natural anti-bacterial agent.

Another thing to check for when sinus infections don’t clear is that the infection isn’t bacterial or viral, but caused by an overgrowth of candida. Both high blood sugars and use of antibiotics can cause a candida overgrowth.

Fee better soon!

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Thanks Sam!!! That is my next move if this doesn’t work. If it is an infection or virus though, how does taking all the junk out help?

I got plenty of “junk” right now… I am wondering where my body is storing this stuff!

HI Terry!

Thanks! This give me hope that this will work… Funny I woke up this morning with no cough hardly no phelgm and thought “Oh I am getting better it is working” but now it is coming back again now that I am up… (although I called in sick to work today). I am on day three now of the pills.

If I have some sort of virus - it is really knocking me out I have felt exhausted since beginning or year but than WHAM I get this…

the second course I am taking is called Amox-clav and it is a penicillin. one… I can’t remember what the first one was - it was only a 5 day one and this is 7 days.

I am trying to drink tons of water but like you I forget!!!

I can’t help but feel like since I am diabetic I don’t have a chance against stuff like this…

My BG is fine

Ahnalira, yes i have one and I have been using it - doesn’t seem to help much for whatever this is though. I use it when my sinuses hurt - I seem to get rid of more snot when I blow for this though… Neti Pot hasn’t been making much of a difference for this…

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I don’t know the exact mechanism by which it helps… I assume if there’s just a near solid infected mass clogging your sinuses conventional antibiotics have a rough time penetrating it unless it’s substantially loosened up-- but that’s a wild guess… Way beyond the list of things I understand

Thanks Sam! I wondering if this is my problem… I have taken four days of antibiotics and it really seems the same… It is like a constant drip of stuff that i have to blow out or spit out… loosing hope… ugh… SO tired too!

Maybe not related but, I have had several friends, nondiabetic, who have gotten respiratory ailments since last winter and whose illness has gone on way longer than ever before. It seems to hit each person in a slightly different way. Excessive mucus is a characteristic that all have complained about. While I don’t typically take or recommend antibiotics, that seems to be the best approach for this year’s respiratory illnesses. Most of my friends were started on one and then switched to another. The second one helped. It was Zithromycin (Z pak) that helped me back in January. I can’t recommend specific ones for you though and it may be that what you are doing will take care of it, with patience!

I had a terrible cold/sinus thingie last year and it wasn’t until I had nearly finished the second lot of antiobiotics that it healed. Keep going! Hope you heal soon.

Hi KimKat,

I hope you are feeling better, but I wanted to share with you that I had almost the exact same thing.

I had a sore throat besides the stuffed up head, but no fever. It started in late April and continued through the month of May. Antibiotics didn’t touch it, but here’s what did for me: Zinc. I would take 40mg Zinc tablets 4 to 5 times a day (be careful about overdoses: more than 225mg a day is bad). This would COMPLETELY stop my symptoms for 3-4 hours, but they would come right back after that. My blood sugars were not effected by this crazy cold, but the side effects of the cold medicines were making it go up. That’s why I tried the Zinc. My doc checked my zinc levels every week, and said not to use it for more than a month, and the crazy cold stopped at the beginning of June.

Again, I hope you’re better and that you never get this malady again, but if you do, look into Zinc. It worked for me.

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So update on me: that course of antibiotics did not work at all… ugh. So next step was for me to go ENT which I did today.

According, to DR, sinus look clear and he thinking I have upper respiratory infection so unfortunately I get more antibiotics and steroids!!!

The antibiotics are two weeks for this one! ugh… I have to admit I am not totally confident this will work… Antibiotics failed me twice…

this one is doxycycline hyclate (they are blue!) and the steroids are Prednisone…I only have to take the steroids for the first three days… ugh two weeks for the antibiotics. Having this whole thing for an extended period of time is just exhausting… stomach muscles sore from coughing!

I swear if this doesn’t work… I just want my glands removed! lol!

I’m so sorry! That sounds miserable. Are you taking any probiotics or anything for the gut? Let’s hope this last course does the trick.

I went through a three-month stretch of this misery several years ago when a dental anti-biotic led to a c-diff infection and its own special antibiotic. I know how it sucks the energy right out of you. Take care!

I thought you were not supposed to take probiotics while taking antibiotics - it cancels it out… I am planning on waiting until after i am done…

Although I am worry about my BG - it is the Prednisone obviously and it is HIGH… ugh… Weird it was fine the first two days and than this morning 277 so today I eat super low carb salad and I just test again it is still the same - grrrrrr. and I did a tons of walking around today so I thought it would go down SOMEWHAT

… I think it might have been high yesterday afteroon but I normally just do the insuline and go to bed… I could feel it was high because I get tightness in my chest.

This morning i wake up with blurry vision.

Anyhow this morning was my last time taking the Prednisone (it was 40 mg for three days) and I read that it goes out of the system fast and than BG should go back to normal.

I think I will use my max of 10 units of Lantus tonight … becasue my normaly 7 didn’t do anything…

I am too exhausted to exercise - although like I said I did lots of walking today so I am surprised that it didn’t go down… So I guess I have to lay around like a lump and wait for it to go down…

Ugh!!! Please let me this will get pissed out of my system fast!!!

Probiotics stay within the intestines generally and help aleviate the damage antibiotics do in your guts. While antibiotics absorb into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. Doctors often recommend they be taken simultaneously and or for s while after the antibiotics are finished.

That prednisone isn’t treating you well at all… Hope it’s at least solving whatever problem it was directed at

that is what I am worried about… I only took it three days and yesterday morning was the last day… My blood sugar is back to normal now this morning but I can feel the symptoms coming back… I have the antibiotics for another week and a half but I don’t have much faith in them working… This is my third course of them and each a different kind…

But the steroids I felt like it was going away and now it seems to be back but there is No way I want to ever take those steroids again… When my blood sugar is high, I get tightness and pains in my chest and now my chest is sore from that… It is not worth it and plus why it is now back after I stop taking the steroids? That proves the steroids didn’t fix anything!!! And I am not being on those all the time - that was horrible… What would be the point walking around like exhausted zombie with super high blood sugar all the time? I would rather have snot and spit and have normal blood sugar. Plus it kind of canceling out the point of all the pills and insulin I take to HAVE normal blood sugar… it is like “Oh here you do all this work and than we will just throw some steroids in there to mess up all your hard work so easily.” No, that doesn’t seem worth it…

When I go back in two weeks (if I am not healed) if they suggest more steroids I will walk out the door. How about LOOKING inside of me to see if there is any obstructions first instead of throwing more drugs at me?