Undergraduate research survey about impact of healthcare interactions for type 2 diabetics: Approved Research survey

Not at all but most have.

Hello everyone, thank you for those who have taken the survey and for those who have considered it. To answer some questions that have come up I’d like to clarify. I started this research because of the interactions my father has had with the medical community which have been good and sometimes very bad. I limited this survey to type 2 diabetics because I believe they are more often blamed for their own condition unlike type 1 diabetics. As I have been hearing from the diabetic community, I have been learning a lot and maybe in subsequent research I will not limit my scope as I did this time.
I also work as a nurse on a medical endocrine unit and I worry about how my coworkers see certain patients with type 2 diabetes or other chronic diseases that they believe were completely brought on by the individual. I would like to change how the medical community treats these patients but it has to start with learning about experiences you all have had.
Discussion is good, differences of opinion are good. Thank you for allowing me to learn and hopefully make a difference in the long run.


I didn’t take the survey - I’m not eligible - but having been misdiagnosed as T2 for 12 years, and now being diagnosed as LADA, how I am treated by doctors now is TOTALLY different. I 100% agree this type of survey should be about one type or the other, and I appreciate that it was done for T2.

Good luck with your survey and your career!


Anyone who has participated here for awhile knows about my skepticism of traditional medical treatments for people with diabetes. I’ve been disappointed with medical standards and practices that have been slow to embrace ways of eating that minimize glucose excursions. Mindless advice that cause medical practitioners who observe a “normal” A1c and immediately conclude that the patient is overly exposed to hypoglycemia makes me shake my head.

My skepticism, however, is tempered by this young woman’s sincere interest in studying diabetes, T2D in this case, and seeking input from the experts, those who live with T2D all day, every day. I choose to see @HarkerRN’s effort here as good for the community and welcome her effort to reach out to those here with T2D.


Any health care professional that blames me for my diabetic condition as well as any that tells me I am not to blame is not a health care professional that I would ever visit again. Having diabetes is a fait accompli and looking for blame or lack of blame is a total waste of time, for both the health care professional, as well as the patient.

We should only be interested in testing possible solutions and leave the blame game to lawyers who hire the best experts for the plaintiffs and defendants to support their side of the case.

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Good point @CJ114. I do hope that you took the survey. This seems like the type of feedback @HarkerRN is looking for.

I hesitated and then actually took the survey as I am officially listed as a type 2 for legal reasons dating back several decades but treated as a type 1. Joslin has not been able to type me correctly over past 30 years as they claim they have no other diabetic that fit my profile. The closest is MODY and they were convinced I was MODY but said they could not pay for that test because neither my parents, grand parents, brothers, sisters, children or grandchildren are diabetic.

Early this year I told Joslin I would pay for the test as I could easily afford it and the test came back negative for all known MODY related genes. Joslin was baffled and continues to be baffled to this day.

In regards to all the negative comments it seems @HarkerRN is trying to improve T2 treatment. If this survey will help further this goal, why would you be against taking it?

My main complaint against typical T2 dietary advice has been refusal to at least mention low carb as an option. At my last visit with my new PCP she wrote on my visit summary “follow recommended low carb diet” This is a sea change from the advice given me 10 years ago when I was diagnosed.

We need to acknowledge that things are getting better, in part because of agitation from the DOC. Give credit where credit is due and criticize where warranted. Expecting instant change is not realistic.


Thank you so much for your insight, my main goal is to help the medical community realize that every patient is different and although there are major treatments that have been proven to work each person needs to have a healthcare provider who listens and works with them instead.


In my involvement so far in the community I have seen low/no carb options work really well, I’ve seen people who do well on the ADA guidelines, or even veganism. We need to keep searching for any and all treatments that can help! In other words I totally agree with you @BadMoonT2

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Just out of curiosity - what is the question that is generating so much uproar? I seldom see so much trouble over a survey. Just curious…thanks.

BTW, Harker, my research threw red flags at school for treading too close to ‘human experimentation,’ which is frowned upon, lol. Its tough out there. Hang in there. Someone recommended I read this. The cover is stupid, but its pretty good. Might be useful because diabetics do an awful lot of self experimentation. This has helped make up for some of the lack of a good medical paradigm. I think its gotten us all pretty far, but it would be nice if new diabetics had to do this less. https://www.amazon.com/Smoking-Ears-Screaming-Teeth-Self-Experimentation/dp/1605983756

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Good question. As far as I can tell, nothing whatsoever. Which is why there’s been so much admin intervention, something we honestly try really hard not to do. But part of the job is caring about the impression we make on people who’ve never been here before, because chasing them off is kinda bad for the health of the community. Sucks sometimes to be the adults in the room.

Apologies to @HarkerRN, who did go through the process of getting her survey approved as being of interest and possible benefit to the community, for the bad signal-to-noise ratio on her thread. If people will extend a decent amount of courtesy henceforth, hopefully that will improve.


One of the big mistakes people make is thinking all T2’s have identical metabolisms. Nothing could be further from the truth. With this in mind it makes sense that something that works for one person will be totally ineffective for another. In the end testing blood glucose and A1C will inform the patient what works and what doesn’t.

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I, read and submitted at response to the first post (which was modified and further explained much later), So I can’t even reread the initial post.

I used the term “silly” to describe the post. Which was not a great choice of words. But it was so poorly written and confusing i just gave up There was not even any information on the qualifications of the poster. She did answer some questions later. But I had read the post and responded already.
Yes she is enthusiastic, but in my opinion did not display any knowledge in the area.

And some (I did follow up and read things) I believe she has come to two conclusions One what T2’s are often blamed for causing the disease and That There is not one solution or best treatment for all. That I believe is covered by most standards of treatment these days.

On the confusion side, she did not even identity the “undergraduate program” the questions are being reviewed by. My first question she signs with an RN so is she taking another program?

She gets a good grade on enthusiasm. But not on the work.

That seems like useful feedback to me.


She is a Registered Nurse (RN) - probably from an accredited nursing school. The way she wrote it, she is going for her undergraduate degree, her BSN - Bachelor of Science Nursing degree. She just says undergrad nursing program though.

I hope this helps you.

Thanks, fyi My ex wife was a nurse and graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelors of nursing (a professional degree) that required 15 quarters worth of full time credits and she earned a Masters in Psychiatric nursing (?) from the Catholic University of America

So I guess I am used to lots of nursing degrees!

To address some of your questions @T2Tom, the adjustment i made to my post was to change the title, so the post has remained the same. I’m sorry that my post did not sound as polished as you would have liked, I will take that into account next time I post something. if you would like to help me write the post in a less confusing way feedback is always welcome.

In my responses to you I should have made it more clear that I was sharing hypotheses not necessarily conclusions to my research. I am, of course, in the data collection phase of my research and thus do not have solid conclusions at this time. I shared my father’s experience which inspired me to research how healthcare professionals treat type 2 diabetics. You are right that I am not as knowledgeable as many of you on this site, but I am working to learn more which is why I’m doing research, reading, studying, and trying to apply what I learn to my nursing practice.

Even more importantly, I want to be able to gain this knowledge and then share it with other nurses to hopefully improve healthcare interactions. In the responses I’ve read so far many people with type 2 diabetes are unhappy with their treatment so there is room for improvement.

As to my credentials I have been a registered nurse for a little over a year now working on the medical endocrine unit at Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City. On this unit we care for a variety of acute and chronic conditions including liver failure, kidney failure, pancreatitis, thyroid storm, drug and alcohol withdrawal, cellulitis, sepsis, diabetes, and diabetic ketoacidosis.
I graduated in may of 2018 with my associates in nursing science and then graduated with my bachelors in nursing science this past May. In my last semester I started the preliminary research and the process for IRB approval from Utah Valley University. I have continued this research after graduation and will be presenting at the Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Convention in Washington DC. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Much better, clear and precise.
I am not a researcher,but in my opinion having you discuss anything relating to the survey to participants could taint the survey.

As I said I am not a researcher but i am an Architect that ran his own firm for 40 years. Which included a lot of marketing (sales). Many frown when people talk about sales. But you are interested in having T2’s read and respond to your survey. So structuring your post so that one could think I would like to read that,
Or even participate is not a bad idea.

I certainly appreciate your motivation for trying to learn more. First hand experience is ALWAYS valuable to clinical practice. Now, nobody else listen while I talk about you behind your back…

These guys and ladies represent some real ‘gold stars’ of diabetes. They represent a real serious body of knowledge, so take it with a grain of salt if they imply that ‘you don’t know as much as them.’ Of course you don’t. It takes some courage to talk to people, in depth, about their illnesses. It doesn’t always go smoothly. Since your a nurse, I’m sure you know this. I, personally, am not a nurse, but I talk to people about their illness a lot and I get yelled at a lot. Even talking to these guys, who are pretty similar to me, I still get yelled at sometimes. Its cool. Everybody gets over it.

If you want to bounce any survey question ideas around, feel free. People will give feedback.

I hope everything goes well with your research endeavor. I’m sure your a great nurse. I always say I’ll take a good nurse or a street medic over any other medical practitioner any day of the week. But, nurses can be a little scary because they have an uncanny ability to read your mind. You should always be a little uneasy when talking to a nurse. They know what your thinking. They know what you’ve done.


P.S. Me and DrBB yelled at each other for, like, 12 hours straight online a couple months ago. It was exhausting. But, its no big deal. Nobody’s mad. I doubt he even remembers it. Poor guy, I kinda think he was right the whole time. I can’t say for sure. Lord knows, I’ll never bring it up again. But, he might have been right.