Unfriendly cats

I have two cats, one a female rescue cat who is about 12 years old and the other a male who I got as a kitten from a farm about a year ago. The main reason I got the second (male) cat was because the female (Pumpkin) was getting pretty sedentary, and I thought that a young male (Fella) would be a good companion and maybe encourage her to be more active. Well it’s been a year and Pumpkin is still terrified of Fella and lies under the bed hissing and growling when he comes visiting. And I think Fella thinks that is fun. So we have to let the cats take turns having the run of my apartment, while the other one is locked up in the spare bedroom. It seems that the main problem is that Pumpkin by nature is very timid - my daughter rescued her out of a garbage bin in Austin, Texas where my daughter lived at the time and where the kitten’s owner had dumped her. It is a bit of a drag having to keep one of the cats locked up for half the day and then it is the others turn, but I am at a loss on how to get them to be friends. Any suggestions?

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