Unite for diabetes/break the silence

don’t know if any of you have posted on this, but i found this great short film called break the silence on youtube.

"Break the Silence is a short film about diabetes seen from the perspectives of 25 IDF Youth Ambassadors from around the globe.

Break the Silence was filmed during the IDF Diabetes Congress in Cape Town, December 2006. The Youth Ambassadors were gathered for a workshop to create an action plan for how they as young people living with diabetes can support the UN resolution on diabetes and contribute to ensure that the resolution is implemented in their home countries." - copied from the youtube page it’s on.

you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_oE6jmbUwQ

it’s got something to do with the unite for diabetes thing that some of you may know about. at the end of the video they flash a website URL that you might wanna check out.

give it a watch. what do you think about it?

i for one, would like to see more diabetes awareness in my country. i’m thinking of specialising in journalism in school, and if i do, i will make my final year project some form of diabetes awareness (:

I like this. It was good. Awareness it the key to a cure.

Cool video. Honestly, the best way to raise awareness is to throw the pure statistics out there.

i just realised i could embed the video so here it is.

i think stats are helpful because they have the shock factor. it makes people wake up and realise the situation in its actuality.

What an incredible video… watching it makes me feel once more that we are doing the RIGHT thing here in TuDiabetes.

Those of you who have a blog, take a few minutes and post the video there (if you haven’t already). Here is my post: http://manuelhp42.blogspot.com/2007/07/246-million-people-are-living-with.html