United Health Care rant

Just need to blow off steam about UHC. Seems they are less and less interested in the patient and probably more about the bottom line. Started years ago when they said I could only use LabCorp for lab work. I never liked LacCorp, always preferred Quest. My preference. Then it was only approving certain test strips. Then their decision to only use Medtronic as there preferred pump supplier. Then they decided they didn’t want to cover my Dexcom anymore because Medicare didn’t cover them. Now today my pharmacy called to tell me UHC told them I could only get one vial of insulin at a time. I guess during open enrollment time in the fall I will be looking at all my options.

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Oh my… They’ve not made me happy, either. I have UHC through work and they have given me enough problems, that I get stressed every time it’s time to order supplies or medication of ANY kind! Thankfully, my insulin just got approved/shipped - only a week late.
They’ve completely left patient - AND doctor! - out of their priorities!

Well, you certainly won’t get an argument here. Last January 1 they dropped my fast acting insulin from their formulary; now I have to buy it at retail. Ouch.