UHC and Edgepark are trying to kill all type 1 diabetics for profit

That's the only logical conclusion I can come up with. Share your horror stories and I'll send them to both incompetent entities.
I've been waiting a month for diabetic supplies. I call each company and both blame the other. IMHO, they have established a cabal to kill off all diabetics and improve their bottom-line profitablity. UHC, like most huge insurance corporations, was apalled that they would be forced to take on those horrible, unprofitable people w/pre-existing conditions under ACA and are working w/suppliers to complicate re-ordering for as long as possible. I'm dumping Edgepark and wish I could do the same w/UHC.

So ... it seems you are upset but ... could you tell us what happened?

Sure Khurt. Started w/a call from Edgepark about 4 weeks ago stating they were cancelling an order because they had not been sent 'physician's notes' related to my order. They had not contacted me prior to that. I immediately went to my endo's office and they showed me that they had provided that info 3 separate times. They had never been required to do this before and were as mystified as I was. Both UHC and Edgepark claimed the other requires this info. Long story short, I've been w/o diabetic pump supplies for two weeks, blood sugar running incredibly high, and neither company taking responsibility. I've been forced to contact both companies numerous times and was finally told I'll have my pump supplies soon.
More important than my issue is the fact that there are literally hundreds of these complaints on yelp and other areas related to diabetics' claims being delayed, denied and unable to care appropriately for their health. My idea is to organize others w/similar stories and educate the insurance companies and suppliers. I definitely get the impression from both corporations that the supplies are unnecessary or elective, not required to keep me alive. And I certainly believe it is their profits they want to increase not my lifespan.

I am so sorry you've had bad luck with UHC. I do not use the pump (I hated it) but overall UHC has been wonderful to me as far as diabetes supplies go. My supplies are basically all $25 a pop and the never made me go through a supplier for the pump I had , though I had a medtronic (all supplies directly from medtronic) and not an omnipod. They approved it in like 2 days (and I had my pump by the end of the week) and never gave me issues for anything. Maybe I'm just lucky? SO far I'm waiting to see what they do about me returning the the pump but UHC has been great for my diabetes stuff.

Do you work for them, I.e. a troll?

I've never had a problem with UHC (except for the one time they dropped me from my insurance for a month, but I think that was a problem with my employer, not exactly UHC) but I don't have to use Edgepark. I've heard nothing but horror stories about Edgepark and I'm glad every time I have to argue with Animas and UHC about certifying my primary insurance that that's the biggest problem I have (UHC doesn't think I need to do this and doesn't want to, and Animas insists I have it done every year). Is there another supplier you can use, or is Edgepark it?

No. I have no ties to UHC other than being someone who has them as health insurance. I can't say everything is wonderful about them either (I am not sure how much they're gonna cover my psychologist and it was a pain in the neck to find out if she was covered in the first place, gave me literal hell with my ER bills from my diabetes diagnosis, not all positive) . I promise you I'm not a troll, I've just had very good luck with UHC in the past , particularly good luck with getting my pump and supplies for it (even though I ended up hating the pump and returning it) .

I actually have very good service with Edgepark and no, I’m not a troll. I will say that I don’t understand their billing practices, because the “retail” prices they quote are horrendously high, but my insurance pays the negotiated prices which are much less. I have never had my supply orders delayed. I do have good insurance and that makes a big difference for things going smoothly with Edgepark.

Third party suppliers are the name of the game now. Hope you get things figured out soon.

I completely understand your frustrations as I have had issues with both companies. I think venting can be very beneficial but I wonder how much of a payoff you would really get sending horror stories to both companies. If they are truly doing what you say, they will give no thought to your complaints. Personally, realizing how little corporations care can feel disheartening, defeating and lead to more anger and frustration. Perhaps it would be more beneficial to use your energy exploring different options. For example, through my UHC plan (and I recognize they are all very different), I can use Focus Pharmacy instead. They are a great, caring and prompt company. I’m sure many members here will have useful advice to help resolve the problem.

I just saw this and I can't speak for UHC.. but for Edgepark. They are beyond incompotent. I just got off the phone with them.. I was waiting over 3 weeks for my dexcom supplies.. they told me they were waiting for insurance authurization.. funny because i have never needed this before... So after speaking with insurance and finding out a) my insurance does not need authurization and b)Edge park had never submitted anything I decided to call edgepark back.... while on the phone I was politely told by edge park there is no mistake and I must be patient... I told them this is ridiculous.. was placed on hold for less then 20 seconds before they came back and said exact words "We forgot to read your medical file" turns out you are right, Oops."

for peet sake, it is not like i am ordering a pair of shoes. I depend on my pump and sensor to LIVE.

That is all.

I'm confused. United Health Care is a insurance company. To my knowlege they don't take orders for medical supplies, stock them, and ship them from warehouses.

Could you clarify your paragraph above?

I'm not defending (or criticizing) UHC. Just sincerely not understanding what you wrote, given my understanding of UHC.