"Unlucky Charms"...Breakfast Cereals? What's your perfect breakfast?


I know this isn’t for everyone but I eat -

two eggbeaters
two slices of Ezekial bread toast
80 grams of peanut butter
an apple
1 cup of 1% milk.

I’ve been eating this breakfast for about 9 years with real success which is a good thing because when I don’t eat a large breakfast I tend to lose weight which is not something that I want to do.



Thanks for the IM reminder!! It works for me as well… I need to get back to diligent pattern!!


I’ve met so many families with newly diagnosed kiddos who become so frustrated with the post breakfast cereal skyrocket.I always feel bad mentioning cereal/lactose might be the root…I feel like the “cereal killer.” It’s such a common go to brksft…


I do miss eating cereal, nothing like a big bowl with milk. Since my diagnosis I find myself walking down the cereal lane whistfully eyeing them all, but I have learned that they will make my BG rise too much. I also find it curious that I miss cereal much more than rice or pasta. I have no problem giving them up.


Ohhhhh! To be able to eat a big bowl of Fruity Pebbles and then drink the delicious fruity pebble flavored milk at the end!!! A girl can wish!!! But I have wondered what Fiber One would do to my BG numbers. Have any of you tried such a high fiber cereal and what were the effects?? Pre D, I would eat a 1/2 cup w/Greek yogurt as a somewhat Healthy breakfast.


I just use a shot of fast acting to address dp. I find not eating breakfast works just fine. I typically dont feel like eating in the morning anyway. I don’t think eating in the morning is a necessity, I think the breaking of fast with cereal, toast, and carbs / breakfast foods is a marketing ploy, as is 3 meals a day plus snacks. Eat when hungry. Eat enough calories. Get adequate nutrition.




Great observation. I eat two meals per day, a late morning breakfast and and early evening dinner. I add a snack or two as desired. I try to keep evening snacking to a minimum.


It’s unfortunate that the workday is scheduled around three meals a day… I often find that I only eat two meals on weekends (often a late breakfast, a snack, and then dinner). I can’t eat during work hours and have an hour commute each way, so on weekdays I have to eat breakfast before 7:30 AM and dinner after 5:30 PM and am restricted to eating lunch around noon. I’m going to try skipping breakfast and eating lunch and dinner to see how that works.


I often eat breakfast after 11 a.m. If forced to I could easily eat breakfast at noon. Two meals per day seems natural to me.


I’ve tried low carb Paleo granolas or any granola that’s under 20 carbs with as few ingredients as possible. This provides bg success depending on the morning stress that usually arises. I can also do certain types of Museli l. I love paleo wraps with no sugar added almond butter for breakfast as well. I’ve been trying to eat 20-30 carbs for breakfast lately and that has seemed to work quite nicely!


This is just cracking me up! I grew up on Shreddies! :canada::canada::canada: My grandma swears it was the brown sugar I put on top that caused The Diabetes!!


I feel like that’s what my body does best on as well… 2 meals v three. And later dinners are just a killer on rhe diabetes gastroparesis combo… wait this is a Cereal Killer post… why am I talking GP!!?

@Elyssia1 you have me craving almond butter!! :disappointed_relieved:

@JCVillafranca … or the old “add more cereal because I have leftover milk…” saga!!!


Wait!! You love more than one “Canuck”? Ugh! :sob::cold_sweat:

[quote=“rgcainmd, post:20, topic:56624”]
Are “Shreddies” yet another nummie, like Nanaimo Bars, that you Canucks (please let me know if this word is actually a national slur!) are trying to keep secret from your neighbors to the south?

We keep a pretty tight lock on which blood sugar busters we allow across the border…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


[quote=“Jen, post:17, topic:56624”]
[You were a peculiar child then.


This is so validating. I find that two meals works for me better than three, a majority of the time. Nice to know that’s not the outlier that the traditional wisdom would encourage you to believe it is.


At work I order the omelet of the day usually and often sausage links or hotlinks or kielbasa if it’s on the menu–and wash it down with coffee. If I’m not avoiding carbs like the plague I might have some fruit with it. And of course, black coffee. At home I usually start the pan heating on the stove then walk out to the chicken coop and crack the fresh eggs into it and microwave some frozen sausage–and of course black coffee. If my wife insists, I’ll make toast but never more than 1 slice for me and even that is relatively rare. Haven’t touched cereal in years.


If you don’t want to lose weight, you shouldn’t eat such a low-fat breakfast. How about real eggs and whole milk? If you are concerned about dyslipidemia, eat less carbs and only healthy fats: olive oil, butter, lard, coconut oil, avocados.

Wow, I just realized the extent of my conversion: I have started preaching LCHF…:open_mouth:


Yet another case of parents causing their child’s diabetes… It’s always the mother’s fault! :wink:


News flash: I never outgrew peculiar.