"Unlucky Charms"...Breakfast Cereals? What's your perfect breakfast?


omg, we are twin souls! that is how i ate any marshmallowy cereal until i was 36!


in the uk, theyre like chex.


LOL! You guys don’t have Shreddies?!

Looks like it is a Canadian thing. I learn something new every day!


Shreddies for brekkie?!!


Sort of, though we have Chex as well… Shreddies are a lot heavier and denser and less air-filled than Chex.


yes, thats the same in UK! now that you mentioned the whole air filled thing. you see, i can really talk and dream about cereal all day and night. sigh.


This isn’t a slur, it’s like calling you guys “Yankee” (hopefully that’s not considered a slur!).


From the link to the Shreddies you posted:

“Made with 100% Whole Grain Wheat. Canada’s Food Guide recommends making at least half of your grain products whole grain each day.”

You Canucks really are smart!:wink:


Speaking for myself, you may call me a “Yankee” till the cows come home and I will take no offense. As long as you consistently capitalize the “Y”. It’s only polite!:wink:


Noted! (And post edited accordingly.) :wink:


Jen, I love you from the top of your Canadian head to the tips of your little Canuck tootsies! I have learned so much from you, and your sense of humor resonates with my own. :sunglasses:

Now let’s return to the sad topic of cereal and its lack thereof in many of our lives…


I was also unsure if Canuck was slur in Canada. Thanks for the tip.

I grew up in Chicago and my absolute favorite “sandlot” neighborhood game was hockey. I feel connected, somewhat, to that part of the Canadian psyche.


For me, it’s either bulletproof coffee (zero effect on my BG, since it’s all fats), an omelette, or a low/no carb protein shake if I’m working out immediately after. On days I workout intensely (which is 5 days a week), my tolerance for carbs is dramatically changed from “rest” days. I still won’t have breakfast cereal, even the “All-Bran” type that is mostly fiber, because it will push me up above 150 mg/dL in less than half an hour. I too have a pronounced DP effect, and adding carbs on top of that is a surefire way to get out of my target BG range. I know some people can tolerate it later in the day, and I might be able to do that. But if it’s 8:00pm and I’m hungry, I’d much rather have some almonds or Halo-Top than breakfast cereal :slight_smile:


Aaaahhh, hockey!!!

One of the most memorable moments of my life so far was being in downtown Vancouver during the 2010 Olympcis watching the men’s final hockey game and what ensured after Canada won. The entire country practically shut down to watch that game (I think something like 85% of the country tuned in—probably everyone except people who had to work and couldn’t get time off!). In Vancouver there were huge outdoor screens broadcasting it in public where hundreds would gather to watch.

First thinking that we might lose, and then going on to win and being in the middle of such a massive celebration was just incredible! I’ve never seen so many people packed onto a city street in my life, you couldn’t move except to be swept by the crowds. I’m not even a sports fan and I get nostalgic and emotional watching videos of it!! We aren’t usually very patriotic or outgoing…until it comes to hockey!


In fact, to satiate my nostaliga after writing the previous post, I went onto YouTube. For those interested, here’s a compilation of Canadians celebrating that win across the country. The video is like ten minutes long, but even just the first few minutes give an idea of what continued for hours. :slight_smile:

(And this will truly be my last off-topic post: back to cereal!)


I don’t generally have anything to do with cereals. Might as well hook up an IV glucose drip.

A typical breakfast would be a veggie worth 10 to 15 carbs and an ample helping of protein, which could be eggs, bacon, chicken, fish, or just about anything. Prebolused, of course.


I went through a time of eating oatmeal every day. I finally learned that even that sensible cereal could out-duel even my most diligent bolus.


I do eat oatmeal with nuts ,have my adult life. Love the stuff. I also front load my day with exercise. So it works for me as a type 2. Last A1C was 6.2. Nancy


Before I knew I had blood glucose problems one of my favorite breakfast cereals was Rice Chex (I’ve been gluten free for 20 years) I would sometimes also eat them dry for a crunchy afternoon snack but about five years ago I began having hypoglycemic symptoms a couple hours after eating them so I had to stop. After I began to monitor my BG I realized not only did I go low, I went really high first (over 200) when eating Rice Chex. They are still my Kryptonite, more than cooked rice or even a chocolate chip cookie :unamused: I don’t tolerate eggs well or like them much (unfortunately) so I usually have a small piece of GF toast smothered with peanut butter for the fat and protein and coffee. My blood glucose control is actually better in the morning and gets worse as the day goes on.


I never was that big on cereals even before diagnosis. About the only one I’d eat as an adult was shredded wheat.

I require twice as much insulin per gram of carb for breakfast as I do for lunch or dinner, so I have to choose carefully. For the first few years after diagnosis, I’d typically have two eggs plus half a slice of my homemade rye toast for breakfast. Since my homemade bread is considerably denser than typical bakery bread, half a slice would be about equal in total carbs to a whole slice of bakery bread, although it had more fiber. For the past year or so, though, I’ve substituted a mug of artificially sweetened cocoa for the toast most days. That’s because I learned I had osteoporosis and needed to find some way to get more calcium in my diet. I can handle a small serving of bread OR milk OR fruit for breakfast, but not more than one of these.

Some days, though, I just use leftovers from dinner or the previous day’s lunch as my breakfast, provided they weren’t too high in carbs. And yes, I’ve been known to eat soup or salad for breakfast.