Unomedical Supplies' Inconsistent Quality

My concern is that I don’t trust them nor Tandem to do anything about it. Especially Tandem doesn’t seem to have aggressive quality oversight of Unomedical. I

I quit using the t:slim because it was killing me from the poor Unomedical quality control.
Today however, I had meetings with a client that I knew were going to be long and tough to get out enough to manually take a bolus every couple of hours. And I would be sitting in an air conditioned room all day.

So I loaded up the pump, installed a t:90 infusion set, hoped for the best as I dropped an entire box of infusion sets into my laptop bag and drove to the client’s offices. Less than 20 mins into the meeting, PLOP! Set comes off. Then again and again and again…5 sets today and I ended up relying on good old manual injections anyway.

Here’s what it looked like by 2:00 this afternoon in the client’s restroom.

Don’t trust Tandem and don’t trust Unomedical! I used these same sets with Animas and had no problems with the infusion sets. I will spend an hour tonight filing individual FDA adverse event reports.

Kevin, that stinks that you are having these problems.
But I have to say that we are using the same infusion sets with not a single issue. We were using the Animas ones and now the Tandem ones. Not a single issue as you have described. Nor any other issue with the infusion sets. Not a single complaint actually.

Sorry for all the trouble you’ve had. I think filling out the FDA reports will be the most effective action you take in this matter. Have you tried submitting this on a Tandem Facebook page?

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Terry, I haven’t. I don’t have a FB account. I’ve reported the problems to Tandem, and to their credit they sent out their local trainer twice. She had me try other infusion sets, but there’s a reason why I went with the t:90 style years ago, it’s the right one for me (if it has adhesive on it.)

With Medtronics, Deltec, Animas no problems (OK, 1-2/yr, but that’s reasonable) I’ve tried every secret under the sun with these Tandem branded Unomedical sets, but no dice.

The bottom line is there is no adhesive to speak of. And I keep getting a strong feeling from Tandem that it’s not the infusion sets, but it’s me. Yep, I’ve suddenly become stupid after 27 years of pumping.

The sets are 90% of the problem, but I’ve had several pump problems that contributed to 10% of my too many 450+ glucose episodes. I’m writing a review with photos that I’ll post here soon to cover those issues. Non working alarms and user interface design were behind those problems.

Yup - the damage has finally crossed the brain-pump barrier! :wink:

Update from my newer box of Animas insets – Though I have not had and more sets fail to stay adhered after that first one, I have noticed that I’ve been changing sites a bit quicker with this box than my usual. In addition, I’ve had two that tried to jump off the needle when I pulled back the trigger to insert them. The one that’s currently in place (and working!) was one of those, so I’m only watching this problem to see if it continues – though the box is almost done now…

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Have you asked Tandem to swap out your current t:90 infusion set supplies with a different lot number?

Thas, good to know and here’s hoping you don’t have any new problems. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an alternative brand to go to if Unomedical isn’t providing the level of quality we need?

The problem is that it’s three boxes (now two) and they come from ARRGGH Edgepark!
Since Edgepark can’t seem to create a detailed invoice showing what Aetna paid, what I’ve already paid, and what the balance is, I have held back paying them anything until they can get their act together. If it goes to collections, great. The collections company will push Edgepark to provide it.

And given the problems I’ve had with the pump/infusion sets, I’ve gone back to MDI, so it’s not like I will be missing purchasing any new sets.

I am going to take some time today to see if I can source another manufacturer even if I have to go outside of the USA. I have friends and family in Europe and Asia, so I could make it work if I can find something else.

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Yes! Had hopes about those BD sets that Medtronics was going to be
selling, but they had initial release problems at the beginning of the
year, so I don’t know what the status is. Those looked good on paper,

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Whoa! I like the promising look of them. Thanks for bringing them to my attention, I am going to check on an update. :+1: