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Hello, Carly! You can vent anytime you need to - or rant, or rave, or tear hell out of the cyber-room... And, if it were my cyber-room, and just up to me, I'd say you can tear a strip of anyone who makes the wrong comment in any way, at any time you need to - no "political-correctness" necessary! Because I know exactly how you feel. We do everything we are told; or we do absolutely nothing we are told - and it never makes any damned difference, either way! And nobody - doctor, medical specialist, diabetes newbie, or veteran - nobody can do one damned thing, to make any part of our diabetes make any sense to us!!! And,... it just makes us feel so damned weary ... so tired ...

And sometimes, there are no answers ..... which hardly seems fair! And we wake up, and see another day stretched before us ... another day of no answers; but all the same old problems -- the constant, wearisome process of testing, and noting down each detail so carefully ... so we can find out ... find out what? None of it ever tells us anything new!!! There's never any "Eureka!" moment! And there will always ... ALWAYS be somebody, who will find fault with the way we do "it".

So ..... I don't have any special answer for you, Carly - except to say that you are not alone; and you never have to be alone with this. We are here - as a community; and, when you are too tired to walk across the coals that Diabetes has strewn about underfoot - there are those of us, who will willingly carry you across; until you have found your strength, again.


Thank You Dwayne! I needed that.
Too add to my stress my best friend friend and I had a falling out yesterday. I was in the wrong and I have told her that…all she can see is red! No matter how I explained my wrong doing and say sorry she doesn’t hear it. All I can do now s wait…We are not teenagers anymore.