Im on a medtronic pump but i used the animas for my dexcom as well. help how do i do it. here is the solution

i wrote this over on fu as well but sharing it over here.

so im on the medtronic 630G now. i dont have their CGM as it wouldve of been out of pocket. so i needed to figure out how to use a CGM while waiting for my G5. so if you are switched to the medtronic but still need a CGM here is how to do it while you wait. I took an empty reservoir and did it as if there is insulin in it, etc. i did the whole rewind etc. so that way the pump is acting as a pump but it isnt so you can use the CGM part while you wait for your new dexcom if you are on the G4 and waiting to be ont he G5 while on the medtronic pump :slight_smile:

i figured i pass that tip on in case you are up and running on the medtronic pump and still going to use dexcom but your on the animas pump. Its only for the next 6-8 days that ill need to be on it. it is a nice way to still know where your levels are, etc. i dont know why i didnt think about this when i was getting set up yesterday but i figured it out yesterday on my way home and didnt try it until this afternoon. so now the animas is acting as a pump even tho im on the medtronic.

:). there is always a way to do things. glad i have this so i dont have to worry all week where my levels are but wont have the pump scream at me that it isnt primed, etc. solution, empty cartridge :). have a nice day :smiley:


I think what you mean to say is that you’re using the CGM receiver function in your Animas pump to display your blood glucose values on the face of your Animas Vibe pump. Do I understand correctly?

Is there a reason why you don’t just continue using the Vibe for the next 6-8 days? Seems like it would less complicated for you. What happens in 6-8 days?

How do you like the MM630 so far?

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i wouldve of stayed connected to the pump but we already set everything up, etc. so it sort of happened so quickly. its only been a bit over 24 hours so i dont know what i think of it yet.

and yes i am using the CGM function of the animas pump vs using everything. I just figured out how to use the CGM function without it beeping at you that you need to prime the pump, etc :slight_smile:

Dexcom will usually get the G5 kit out to new users in a day or two. You can then send the CGM data direct to your phone. If you are self funding you can reduce costs considerably by using Spike (iPhone) or xDrip (Android) as the collector on your phone in place of the official Dexcom app. These allow you to run the transmitter until the batteries die (typically 5-6 months) rather than timing out after 3 month. You also do not need to restart your sensor after 7 days, and you can insert a new sensor whilst the old one is still running thus avoiding the 2 hour warm-up period.

The consensus is that xDrip/Spike algorithms are actually more accurate than the official Dexcom ones and if you need to upload your data (e.g. for your clinic) you can use Nightscout.


im on the G4 as that is what the animas vibe used. so im waiting for my G5. i dont know why they said 6-8 days then. i hope it comes in sooner than what is said. i have my acct set up for the G5 for the mobile app.

so the G5 i dont have to avoid the 2 hour start up when i switch? that would be nice. so xDrip is an app i take it? and what is nightscout?