Up early, motivated this morning

So today’s pretty much a snow storm, I had plans to go snowboarding because i live right next door to a ski resort - however i’m very much a puss and don’t want to deal with all of that cold and wind today… so maybe i’ll come up with some kind of indoor excercise regime… It’s hilarious that they still put on those 80’s aerobic shows on tv, i swear this really cheesy one comes on CTV 8 in the morning and the chick sports a different leotard every show, whoa bad style flashback, reminds me of the time my mom gave me a mushroom cut in '89. I have kickboxing class’s on thursdays and pilates on sundays, but that gets pretty expensive. I found this site though for all of those lazy folks like myself who hate going outside in the cold and venturing to the gym in a blizzard —> http://www.exercisetv.tv/
there’s actually some great at home workouts on there, from yoga to aerobics… yay! lets get motivated!