Update :DD

So im sure we all know i havn’t been here in FOREVER!!

jus sumtin to say I MISS YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!

so much has been goin on latley. boys have come and gone ( some of which i wish didn’t)
and so have friends.
ive had one hella year so far in school. :confused: as of right now im trying to bring my grades back up.
my diabetes is going okay. i get a pump very very soon :slight_smile: which brightens the upcoming weeks.
my blood sugar lately has been really … a rollercoaster. were messing with my ratio again… im unfortunetlly not on my honey moon period… but Dr.Simon (my endo) said that the pump should help with all of that. so NO MORE SHOTS!! :DDD im MEGA happy about that. i take my class for my pump the week of christmas so ill have it by christmas eve day hopefully sooner.

im trying trying trying lol to start dieting better. as of right now im not doing good with my eating habits xD
its jus kinda hard lol but yea. if you have any recomendations for snacks or lunches that i can take to school or make at home reli fast… please comment me :slight_smile:

well hope to talk to you all very soon. :DD

<3 madz

Welcome back Maddy! Nice to hear from you again =)