Update on Birthday Parties…

Three days after I responded back to the infamous email (see Birthday parties, ignorant parents and my happiness in finding tudiabetes.com ) my daughter received a birthday invitation from one of the girls. (Not sure whether Sáin was on the original invite list or not but the timing seemed a little suspicious.)

The party was this past Sunday. Sáin was very excited; I was shall we say a little less than excited to go. The whole drive there I was trying to think of snappy comebacks to anything and everything that might be said. I know, not very mature but no one said I have to be mature all the time J.

Much to my surprise everything went great. No snippy comments, no gossip, nothing. We even got out of there with a BG of 144 (even more amazing since Sáin was 352 before the party and the cake was from a small bakery whose carb counts I don’t know so I was completely guessing on dosage.) Sáin was happy, her friends were happy, even the other parents seemed happy.

Maybe they’re finally getting it or maybe it’s just a fluke – either way it was a great party.

I’m so glad to hear that everything is going well now. Maybe your email is just what they needed to change their perspective.