Update on Grace, Chad, and Chase

For those of you who are wondering how its going with Grace, Chad and Chase, here you go:
Chase continues to aplolgize and feel bad about hitting me in the face with the volleyball. I’m sure it was an accident now. I see him almost every school day. I tell Chase every time that its ok and I forgive him, yet he still feels bad. My Language Arts teacher (Mrs. Randel) teaches both 9th and 11th grade. Chase is in 11th, so he goes to her the period before I do. He’s in there with the twins Elizabeth and Leah, Grace, and Matt, so I see them all.
Speaking of the twins, Chase told them about what happened during class one day. I found out at lunch. Apparently, they can be as protective as Grace. Its cool having them there for me whenever I need them. Lol, they were like “do you want us to go beat him up for you??” They didnt though, because I said “no, it was an accident and I forgave him.” They didnt really understand that, but they might someday.
Grace talks to me some, but usually we’re all rushing to get to the next class on time, so we cant talk much. Its cool to know she’s there for me too if I ever need her.
Chad hasnt left me anywhere, and he promised me he’d never do that again. He didnt end up doing anything to Chase since I forgave Chase. Chad and Chase still dont get along, but thats ok. As long as I can get along with both its all good!
Well, I guess everything just kinda fell into place. Thank you for all the help and advice!