My Nemesis...HELP!

Lets start from the beginning: my brother Chad has a friend named Grace. Grace had a party yesterday and invited both me and Chad. Chad asked Grace if he could bring their friends Matt, Tyler, and Brittany. Grace says yeah, so since me and Chad are the only ones who know where Grace lives, we had to meet up with Matt, Tyler, and Brittany at Wal-Mart. This kid Chase just invited himself. Here’s the start of the rivalry. Chase started talking bad about my friend Andy behind his back. Everyone else joined in, even Chad. Matt is supposed to be my friend too, but he kept talkin about Andy until finally I had enough and said “MATT! Andy is my friend!!!” and then Matt comes back with “Well he is weird.” then I said “Yeah, well that weird kid is MY FRIEND!!” Chase started laughing. He’s the one that started it!
After Wal-Mart, we loaded up and everyone followed me and Chad to Graces. It was ok for a while, until Chase started picking on me. I did fight back some, and Grace did defend me a little but he kept at it. Matt, Tyler, and Brittany got tired of Chase and left. Grace has 8 brothers and sisters so since Chase was always with Grace, I had to hang out with her sisters Lily and Amy. Lily is my age and Amy is 20 something. Amy is a cop. I thought that was really cool. Anyway, later we started playing volleyball!..and so did Chase. Of course he was on the other team. when it was his turn to serve, he’d hit it as hard as he could (which was pretty stinkin hard) and right at me! I had met a girl, Rachelle, and she’d tell me “You really shouldnt put up with that. He’s clearly picking on you!” and Amy said the same thing. Instead of fighting fire with fire, I prayed. Hard. God helped me stay calm. We took a break from vball after my team won 3 matches. then when it cooled down we started playing again, but we only had 8 people so it was 4 on 4. Chase ended up on my team. I was front line and he was back line right behind me. Grace and Lily were on the other team. The ball came to our side then Graces brother Dan hit it to Chase who hit me in the face as hard as he could! I covered my face with my hands and could hardly breathe. When I uncovered my face, lily was right in front of me holding my glasses which had fallen to the ground. “Are you ok??” she asked. I tried to say “yeah” but for some reason couldnt, so I just nodded. Grace had her hands over her mouth and her eyes were really wide. “Oh my goodness! Are you ok Brandi??” she asked. “Yeah” i said, trying to stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks. “How are your glasses??” she asked. “Fine.” I said, wiping my tears. By then both Rachelle and Amy had left and Matt, Tyler, and Brittany were back. Only to get Chad though. I saw Chad comming to me and wiped my face and tried to look normal as fast as I could. “Hey, I’m gonna go hang out with them for a while. I should be back in a couple hours” He said. “ok” I said, making myself sound normal. “Whats he doing??” Grace asked, looking irritated. Usually she wont talk to me, but now she was defending me. Talk about weird. “Somewhere with them” I said pointing to Chad and his friends. She glared at them. After volleyball Grace came up to me (Chase trailing her like a lost puppy) and said “Does he do this alot??” I didnt answer. “Does he leave you places alot??” This time I answered “Kinda” was all I could manage. I was shocked she’d even talk to me. We used to be friends then somethin happened and she stopped talking to me. Now she was defending me and protecting me?? I was confused. “Im gonna talk to him when he gets back. He shouldnt do that. Im sorry if he made you feel bad.” she said. I nodded and she walked away. Chase stayed a second. “Im sorry for hitting you earlier.” he said. He did apologize alot and I forgave him. Grace let me stay with her the rest of the night and she took care of me. When Chad came back the first thing she said was “Dont do that!” “do what??” Chad asked. “Leave your sister places!” she said. “She’s your responsibility! You only get one shot at this.” she said. I walked in and looked at Grace. She smiled sweetly at me and hugged me. I was shocked. She went from ignoring me to protecting, defending, and hugging me. “Thank you” I said as I walked out. “No Problem” she said. But Chad found out about Chase and said “I’m gonna have a talk with him at school!” which is tomorrow. I dont want anything bad to happen, but theyre all older than me, so what can I do??

Sorry to hear about this emotional night Brandi! My best guess is that Chase likes you. Sounds strange, but some guys don’t know how to act when they like a girl… so they do the WORST things and act in a mean way, but it’s good that he at least apologized. Hope that everything will stay calm tomorrow in school as well!!

And way to go on praying and staying calm! That must have taken great strength, but God is always with you to help you!

Take care!