Wow. Somebody Think They Can Help Me Out Here?!

Hey people. How have yall been?? Ive been better. Ok, so Im just gonna cut right to the chase. My friend Gabrielle likes my brother. Now its not unusual for my friends to like Chad, but the weird thing is…He likes her back! So he was texting her the other day and him and her decided that me and Chad would pick her up on the way to the football game at school. Of course, no one even cared to tell me. Then they decided that she’d spend the night with us. Again, I was left out of that matter. Normally, Gabrielle would be talking to me, but she really didnt. She was too busy talking to Chad. So I pretty much got left out. I thought she was pretty much done with me and that I had lost another friend…but then she sent me a message on myspace. Heres what she sent:

"Hi Brandi

I just want to say hi and that I really, really want to be your friend - no matter what. I don’t want things to feel weird. You’re one of my coolest friends and I want to hang out with you more. Just you and I can hang out sometimes. Other times we can hang out with Chad too. I hope we can remain close friends and be honest with each other.

I just wanted to let you know.
Thanks - I had a lot of fun with you last night and today.


What in the world am I supposed to do now?! Will somebody help me please?!

ok…I have 4 brothers and 3 of them are older than me. My brothers never dated any of my friends while I was in high school. My brother that is about 1 yr older than me tried to date a few of my friends when I was in HS but we agreed that it was off limits. I LOVE my brothers too much and I enjoyed my friendship with my friends but my brother’s feeling were more important to me…

If your brother and friend are digging each other, that’s between them. You have to learn to balance the 2 and go from there. Let them have fun and let it run its course.

Yeah that situation does sound awkward, but you can’t really tell them to stop liking each other…

I would write back and tell her that you want to be honest too… and just want to make sure that she tells you when she actually wants to hang out with you. For example, if she is coming for a sleep over with YOU, then you expect that she will hang out with you too. I think that you should make sure that she is not taking advantage of you, but try to be relaxed about her liking your brother (as much as possible).

My big brother actually seriously dated my best friend in high school. She even came to visit BOTH of us after we moved. We were able to keep a real friendship. And I love my brother so I was happy that he chose such a great girl! They broke up and lost touch, but that is the one friend that i am still in touch with from high school!! So you don’t need to lose your friendship with Gabi. It seems like she does not want to lose you as a friend either!!